Monday, October 16, 2023

History of Bobby Beausoleil's band The Orkustra by Rock Historian Bruno Veriotti

A well researched historical piece. Way too much to reproduce here in full. Click the link at the bottom to read the original:

"This day-by-day diary of The Orkustra's live, studio, broadcasting and private activities is the result of three decades of research and interview work by Bruno Ceriotti, but without the significant contributions by other kindred spirits this diary would not have been possible. So, I would like to thank all the people who, in one form or another, contributed to this timeline: Jaime Leopold (RIP), Bobby Beausoleil, David LaFlamme (RIP), Henry Rasof (RIP), Nathan Zakheim, Stephen Hannah, Jesse Barish, Steve LaRosa (RIP), Rod Harper (RIP), Colin Hill, Ross Hannan, Corry Arnold, William Hjortsberg, Aldo Pedron, Klemen Breznikar, Reg E. Williams, Charles Perry, Penny DeVries, Claire Hamilton, Lessley Anderson, Ralph J. Gleason (RIP), Craig Fenton, Alec Palao, Johnny Echols, 'Cousin Robert' Resner, Roman Garcia Albertos, James Marshall, Chester Kessler, Gene Anthony, Christopher Newton, Loren Means, San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Oracle, and Berkeley Barb."





brownrice said...

Great post & article. Fantastic research. Thanks, Matt

Torque said...

Thanks for this. The most detailed research on the early days of Bobby I have ever seen.

starviego said...

I emailed Bruno a while back to see if he knew anything about the 'Iron Butterfly house' that the Family briefly occupied in spring of '69. He replied that he knows Doug Ingle of that band and would ask. I hope he hasn't forgotten.

PlasticVision said...

Great article.

I have a separate question. Paul Watkins appeared in an Adam Magazine article but he also had pictures taken for a LIFE magazine shoot - I have not seen a copy or any info of an article featuring Paul in Life Magazine, does anyone have any info of this, a date of release, a copy they can scan???


Mr. Humphrat said...

Very Interesting. Thanks for posting Matt.

DebS said...

Plastic Vision

I checked the archived LIFE magazines and did not find any articles that featured or even mentioned Paul Watkins.

I also checked LOOK and Saturday Evening Post, similar magazines that were published during that time. No luck there either.

It's possible that the photos were taken and an article written but never published.

We do have the Adam magazine article here at the blog.

PlasticVision said...

Thanks Debs,
I had been doing a bit of research and is my own silly ass mistake, I'd completely confused the two. What had thrown me off was the auction for PW original camera shots that had been listed on an auction site under 'Life' shoot. Thanks for clarifying this information. If the original pics come out at auction again I'll throw my two cents in.


Great article on the Orkustra regardless - feel kinda bad for taking it off topic.

Monica said...

This is a fantastic article! Thanks for sharing!

Doug said...

Very cool article and post