Monday, June 10, 2024

Odds and Ends

 There's some more scratch in the linked file. There's a precursor to Deemer's list with a couple of names I don't recall being on the final list. And there are a couple of memos written by Millie McCormack, DA Frank Fowles secretary, about Susan Atkins and her child. I think we all knew that Susan kidnapped her son from the Sylmar Welfare Center but it's nice to see it in writing.

Scratch 3 File


starviego said...

Thanks, Deb. On the second to last page we have this:

"3. He also said that Sadie is wanted by the L.A.P.D. on questioning on a murder booking according to an article in the 10-14-69 Examiner."

What murder booking? Had she been identified as a suspect in the Hinman killing by then? Can anybody access the Oct 14, '69 issue of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner to see what they are talking about? said...

Nice work Deb!

Star, likely related to

starviego said...

Thanks Cielo. I wonder how Atkins' name made it to the Herald Examiner the day after her conversation with Whitely and Guenther. Two possibilities:

--Someone in the investigation was tipping someone off at the newspaper. But why?

--Reporters for the newspaper were already up in Lone Pine at the time, and had heard of Atkins' confession. But why would they have been up there? said...

Star, I believe the LA Public library has the Herald Examiner archives. I think you have to be at the branch to see it though. But if you're local you can find that edition

Torque said...

Great stuff as always, Deb. Thanks for this.

starviego said...

"Sadie is wanted by the L.A.P.D. on questioning on a murder"

'Cept the LAPD wasn't investigating the Hinman case. And the LASO could not have been looking for Atkins, as they knew she was in custody, and has just interviewed her.

To me this is just more evidence that they already had their prime suspects in sight, long before Sadie's blab to her cellmates.

Gorodish said...

DebS scribed:

There's a precursor to Deemer's list with a couple of names I don't recall being on the final list.

I noticed two names on this list that didn't make Deemer's. One was Rick "Droopy" Nelson, the legendary Satan Slaves biker with the even more legendary purple 1947 Harley knucklehead. Droopy was known to hang out at Spahn, and he allegedly had a long rambling letter from Manson in his possession when he passed away in 2007.

The other was Wayne "Blackjack" Peterson, who I believe was another biker. DebS did a post about him about a year and a half ago. Little is known about him, other than the fact he was from Eau Claire, WI (Mary Brunner country). Most likely he was another fringe character in the Spahn Ranch saga.

Gorodish said...

Correction- Droopy passed away in 2014, not 2007. He still had the purple '47 knucklehead and the Manson letter. said...

Wasn't Droopy the Satan who had a thing for Gypsy?

orwhut said...


This report immediately reminded me of, The Hawaiian Hamburger Caper.