Friday, April 22, 2011

Lindsay Lohan-Eyes of a Dreamer, maybe not?

According to today's news Lindsay "klepto" Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her probation.  Judge Sautner remanded the actress into custody.  She was booked and taken to county jail.  Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley says she'll appeal the decision, which will allow the actress to post bail. They also changed her felony grand theft charge to a misdemeanor.  It's not clear yet how long Lindsay will be in custody before release.

Lohan was ordered to perform four hundred eighty hours of community service.  360 of those hours will be served at Downtown Woman's Center.  120 hours will be served at the L.A. County morgue  (I kid you not).

One of my sources at the morgue mentioned they are preparing for Lindsay's arrival by stocking up on super glue.  If any of the deceased arrive be-jeweled, the morgue attendants will begin the tedious task of gluing all jewelry to the deceased bodies as a precautionary measure.

Lindsay's pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May eleventh.  The trial begins on June third.  Shooting for Eyes of a Dreamer begins July fifteenth.  I reported yesterday they have no qualms of replacing her as Sharon Tate if her legal problems coincide with production.


MrPoirot said...

That was a pricey piece of jewelry stolen by Lohan. If a regular citizen had stolen that same necklace it would have cost them a few years in prison.

I have to wonder if Lohan is through messing up. I don't think her probs are restricted to just substance abuse.

If I owned a jewelry store and a Hollywood actress came in I think I'd pay close attention to what they were doing. I don't think it's just a couple of actresses that are shoplifting. The modern Hollywood crowd seems to be prone towards crime.

Stacey L. said...

I don't know if young Hollywood is prone to crime, I think it's more of a "I get what I want" attitude. Most(not all) of young Hollywood have never been told no. Their parents use them as a cash cow and therefore don't want to deny them anything, no matter what it is so they end up having the "I want more" attitude....think Miley Cyrus...Lindsey has had problems with her parents in the past and acts if she feels entitled to certain things...I'm not saying she's innocent, stealing is stealing...

I doubt she'll serve her full sentence, and doubt she'll be found guilty, this is LA where celebrities are innocent...think Robert Blake or OJ(no, I don't think they were innocent, I just think they used their celebrity status to get away with murder).

St. Circumstance said...

As an official spokesman of Charlie Sheen- let me be contradictory again

By the way- as of this morning- Lindsay is already out- she gets more second chances than Charlie did...

Why does anyone even want her for movies? does she really have any talent at all??

Mrs.Circumstance says Mean girls was a cute movie- but aside from the stuff she did as a kid...

Has she made one decent movie ever that would make her acting skills a demand???

People worry that she will never get important roles because of her off screen behavior...

Did she ever have any important roles to begin with? Are people basing her on " Potential" she showed as a cute little kid...

At least Charlie Sheeen made a few big movies, and had a career to blow...

I think we pay way too much attention to LILO...

I think if she never made another movie- nobody would even notice if the media didn't keep pointing out her behavior..

Lindsay- Charlie S- the race to the bitter end....

place your bets- who gets there first???

Stacey L. said...

I was just about to point out she was released after only 5 hours yesterday...

I don't think either Charlie Sheen or Lilo do anything worthwhile, movies or anything...I'm so tired of this fascination with everything Charlie Sheen does...and no he's not WINNING...people who have to go around telling you they're winning 24/7 usually aren't.

St. Circumstance said...

:) lol Stacey ...

when your in your late 40's and you live with two chics half your age, and party whenever, and wherever you want.... have all the money in the world- it must be very hard to feel like your loosing...

Plus when you have success like he had- people are naturally jealous, and when your being attacked by people, and want to fight back- you say the things that you know will bother people most- that is human nature.. So- knowing how many poeple want to see him fail- what is the best answer back to the people??? It is very easy to see why he chose that phrase.

But you are right Stacey- the jury is out weather what he says is true..

If he ends up with his job back, and/or gets another with more money- he will have won

If he is doing straight to cable movies or reality TV in two years he will have lost...

Of course- if he winds up in the slammer or in the morgue ....

Then we will have to judge for ourselves what kind of people WE are by our inner reactions to the news we will eventually hear about him and Lindsay- and weather that news makes us feel good and satisfied, or sad and disappointed......

Personally- I always feel bad when anything bad happens to anyone. I get no satisfaction from watching someone with more than me fall...

But People with all the advantages who throw it away are very hard for me to understand- and that may be my weakness- but still- it is the way I feel... too many poeple in this country work to hard for all the right reasons.. There are some who feel sympathetic towards these types of people- but I am not one of them. I wont mourn either one of them for too long- but I will feel sad in a way.

I have watched the movie The Champ a million times. I know what is going to happen at the end- every time i watch it- but it still makes me sad..

what can I say? I'm a sentimental type of guy...

louis365 said...

"One of my sources at the morgue mentioned they are preparing for Lindsay's arrival by stocking up on super glue. If any of the deceased arrive be-jeweled, the morgue attendants will begin the tedious task of gluing all jewelry to the deceased bodies as a precautionary measure."


1900 Yesterday said...

All the more raison cast Lohan as Tate, or vice versa circumstances having been altered, @St.

Change the last name from 'Lohan' to 'Tate' & you get a wash - not one scintilla of difference area acting ability, my opine...harsh reality: dime a dozen beauties a dime a dozen crucibile/Hollywood.

If any distinction the former gets into more trouble, latter paid for it, dearly. That one makes her own and the other fell victim to? More evidence the downside fame, direct or indirect.



There was a book written about an affliction more so an choice some (men?) make to remain forever and ever overgrown adolescents - 'The Peter Pan Syndrome'. That place a Michael Jackson lived 'Neverland', same amusement park/different set of toys/rides Truth Torpedoed now resides. The tv program 2 1/2 men -guess who the 1/2 is in reality?

'Fulton J.' he is not (the Bishop was a mensch while 1/2 pint be in the parlance a 'mess'.)

St. Circumstance said...

1900- beyond the acting skills which may or may not have been similar ( I have never seen more than a few minutes of anything either of them did) ...

I find it hard to compare Sharon to Lindsay...

Sharon seemed to want family more than fame- Lindsay is a fame whore

Sharon came from a solid family background who supported her- Lindsay comes from a family of ego maniacs who tried to capitalize off of her

Sharon had many friends who said she was not a heavy drug user- Lindsay is an addict to probably a few things..

And really- Those pics Liz posted of Sharon were really stunning. She truly was a beauty- even if just eye candy- she was a striking woman..

Lindsay is honestly not someone who I would look twice at if I saw her walking down the street..

I dont see much in common between those two- but maybe your idea was over my head???

1900 Yesterday said...


Beauty is in the eye the beholder, as be personal beliefs/takes.

This will be certain to wound Tate fandom, but if Lohan's resume is marginally thin, Tate's be crepe.

As for expertise that proprietary area female pulchritude, I'll go with mine... to each their own.

Even an younger age still to date, the former delivers a greater box office reward...of course, my own take is that what passes 2011 for talent is fool's gold compared to the mother lode on display, 1900 Yesterday (an nod toward my blog username.)

The particulars of each Lohan/Tate are as unique as would be expected personal lives anyone.

Acting ability - subjective ditto. An return on investment, no comparison - LL.

If I had the chance meet either, would rather choose spend a day with Peggy Lipton - that's another story/another time (oh, alright - you talked me into it.)

Latter gal was living there, in Topanga during those very heady days of late 1960's & I recall seeing an picture of her/Sharon sitting together/Roman standing next to them. I'd be interested what she could share her times/ place thence... that she remains a crush mine four decades aft the 'Mod Squad' has absolutely no bearing on this - none at all (he said with crossed fingers astern).

Now you've gotten me sidetracked my reverie, St., where were we?

"Sharon had many friends who said she was not a heavy drug user"

- and yet I've noted inferences to consider otherwise, be it a simple matter smoking and not wanting her husband to know, 'home movies' she may/may not have participated in - raison why I never take that which friends/others say as gospel.

Note that various 'friends' hers claimed they were going to be at 10050 Cielo that 'fateful' night, but miraculously were not (rolls eyes.)

These are the same folks a manner of speaking also saw that man the grassy knoll 1963 Kennedy, etc.

While it is noble to speak well of the deceased, not practical past a point just becomes self-serving.

OK, I'm ready for the poo poo'rs & retorts, anyone.

: )

St. Circumstance said...

Nahhh- you have some points-

Cant argue with you over the acting skills- I dont know...

Cant argue with you over taste- to each there own...

I was very young- but vaguely remember the mod squad... I think I used to like it lol- was one of the characters Link??

I guess I am just biased towards the one who was killed over the one who is killing herself...

1900 Yesterday said...

Yeah, I'm not interested so much in arguing the merit either lady per se as just to say that Lohan looks wise/acting chops would be an excellent choice, my opine.

"I was very young- but vaguely remember the mod squad... I think I used to like it lol- was one of the characters Link??"

- that would be 'Linc' & hence the missing link those cast interviews season dvd set 'Mod Squad' that he unlike the other two leads did not participate in.

I guess I am just biased towards the one who was killed over the one who is killing herself."

- fair enough, you're prerogative. I'm just of a mind that - was it Art Linkletter? said - (I'll use Hollywood) "kids (stars) say (do) the darndest things."

Case of Lipton, being that she was living in Topanga (and remembering Manson's reference well-known folk /children of said and/or actresses & actors etc.) makes me think many more folks of some renown may have crossed paths Manson/Family et al, due if not similar lifestyles then proximity time & place alone if no other (CM has mentioned Lansbury's daughter, a Sinatra daughter same, among others.)

Tales that even 'if' did transpire will likely go untold, publicly at any.

St. Circumstance said...

Ya know I misunderstood you..

You are saying that LILO could do a good job acting as Sharon- and I sort of thought you were comparing them as people and talent..

but that is also a great question which goes to the point of what I was asking about LILO having any talent...

As an actress she would have to have us believe she is Sharon Tate- a hard thing to do for any actress, to portray another real person. But when you are so famous- it is even harder to get an audience to forget who you are and focus on who you are supposed to be....

Is Lindsay talented enough as an actress to make us forget she is a skinny ass freckled face red-head, and view her as a classic Blonde beauty???

I mean supposedly Barbie dolls were modeled after Sharon...

Isn't LILO more like Raggedy Ann?? Pipi Longstocking ? lol

J/K - looks wise with make-up and hair coloring I am sure she could look the part... But could she handle the acting?? Does she have the depth to handle a part like that????

Again- I have not seen her act much... So I dont know

eviliz said...

Mrs.Circumstance says Mean girls was a cute movie- but aside from the stuff she did as a kid...

Mean Girls is an excelent "teenage girl" movie. i have seen it probably over 100 times, we own it and it is one of my daughter's favorites. Tina Fey wrote it.
anyone could of played Lindsay's role. it was not an emmy winning performance thats for sure.

eviliz said...

Mr. P said I have to wonder if Lohan is through messing up.
I don't think her probs are restricted to just substance abuse.

Lindsay (as well as thousands of people) has addiction issues,she probably has an "addictive personality".
I am not a shrink but- sometimes i play one at home.

i personally think now Lindsay is replacing the drugs with stealing.
people with addictions, when finally ending one sometimes pick up another one. and not necessarily a "bad" one.

one of my friends sarah, who i have known for 13 years used to have a really bad drug addiction.

she is now 5 years sober. i was friends with her like i said for years. i watched her go thru the whole "drug" thing.

now that she is clean and sober she has taken up running. she is addicted to it. if the weather is bad out and she can't run and really has no area in her home for it, she fiends and freaks out.
just like i remember as she did for the drugs. for her, running in place is not the same, nor is a tread mill according to her.

she has to attend ALL the local walks (like for cancer/charities) and races. we have a big race here in CT every year on Thanksgiving day. it is a very popular race, people come from all over the world to run it. you need to register way in advance to be guarenteed a slot. when she went to register, the race was already full so she couldn't attend.
she flipped out. just the same way she did if her dealer ran out of drugs.

St. Circumstance said...

I just dont get this for so many reasons: they point out her getting in trouble and paying no price is typical.. the judge says she did what she did intentionally and then reduces charges???

LOS ANGELES - The day unfolded all too familiarly for Lindsay Lohan: a court hearing, a jail sentence, a quick release.

The starlet appeared before a judge Friday for the fourth time in nearly a year and was sentenced to 120 days for violating her probation by taking a designer necklace.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner said she thought the actress had intentionally taken the $2,500 necklace from an upscale Venice store and shown poor judgment in not trying to return it until police became involved.

The judge reduced the actress' charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor and imposed the 120-day sentence.

Lohan's attorney Shawn Holley filed a notice of appeal right before court closed, clearing the way for the actress' release on bail.

TomG said...

What Liz says is correct IMO. My best friends in life have all been alcoholics and/or drug addicts. ( what a surprise )

The ones who haven't died, are bigtime into AA. A few are born again. One got into running, as in marathons. Whatever they do, its all in. Never a little of this a little of that. It is this is who I am and this is what I do.

Don't know enough about this Lindsay Lohan to offer a comment. But she does have nice breasts. I hope she gets herself together.

St. Circumstance said...

Yeah- I dont either- I hope I have been honest about that- maybe she can be a great Sharon, and maybe she is a great actress...

all I know of her is from The mug shots

eviliz said...

louis3655 said...
"One of my sources at the morgue mentioned they are preparing for Lindsay's arrival by stocking up on super glue. If any of the deceased arrive be-jeweled, the morgue attendants will begin the tedious task of gluing all jewelry to the deceased bodies as a precautionary measure."


thanks Louis at least someone was paying atention to my wonderful sense of humor!!! i myself laughed a good 1/2 hour after i posted that.

eviliz said...

St.C asked...Why does anyone even want her for movies? does she really have any talent at all??

while researching for the post about all the M movies on deck,
i read some place that Tyler Shields and Lindsay are BFFs
(like The Colonel and I)
i also read Tyler hand picked Lindsay for the role of Sharon.

"BFF " means-best friends forever
(the definition of bff was for Ken who may be THE stealthiest paparazzi ever but- he is not to familar with internet lingo)

Panamint Patty said...

dammit Saint, I can't see your new avatar close up. Boo!

Happy Easter everyone, bite the ears off that bunny for me, woudja?

1900 Yesterday said...

Gee, had no idea Tate's shoes were so large, nor that Lindsay Lohan's or ~ [insert any actor's]~ were so ill-fitting, comparison (well - at least Tom likes her breasts - nice place to linger as we decide which direction to go.)

It's only been a scant decade now; perhaps if we hurry (do not tarry) we could dig up Sir John Gielgud & a wig (a descendant renowned Terry acting family.)

No? Laurence Olivier then perhaps?

At the risk offending adherents 'Oscar' Tate, anyone less being Medusa comparison:

Ava Gardner (The Night of the Iguana)

Ingrid Bergman (Gaslight)

Susan Hayward (I Want To Live)

Meryl Streep (Sophie's Choice)

No - none be worthy!

Failing each case we might enlist Imelda Marcos, who could no doubt 'fill' anyone's shoes.

I'm sure Lohan (or any of several others) would do quite nicely.

Go ahead - 'I've gots me armor on' and as I alluded, am not even an LL man, rather a Lipton man.

: )

orwhut said...

I've seen pictures of Lindsay without any freckles. I've also seen an occasional picture of her with lots of them. What I want to know is... Does she cover her freckles with makeup or, does someone paint them on for her when she wants to look different?