Saturday, April 23, 2011

thanks to stacey for the pic


TomG said...

Happy Easter! Whatever you believe, or don't believe. Keep on Truckin'. Get another day.

1900 Yesterday said...

Beautiful... what a great looking Lagomorpha & cast chair... why, I'm certain none other could fill either role as well.

OK, I'm done being a wascally wabbit for tonight.

: )

Panamint Patty said...

1900: Are you perchance a biologist? (Lagomorpha? Crotalus?) You have Patty's respect for your ability to blend science and poetry in some very interesting ways.

St. Circumstance said...

Happy Easter all :)

1900 Yesterday said...

No Patty, I'm an aphorist - I have also been referred to as a cunning linguist - but - that's personal.

Most often, I just tend to find wit proliferating in my mind and so must 'release the hounds' every 48 hours or know.

Too, "I've been a puppet a pauper, a pirate a poet a pawn & a king...I've been up & down & over & out, and I know one thing - each time I find myself, flat on my face, pick myself up & get back in the race."

Frankly speaking, a deadly conflux the intellectual stylings a Cioran and crooning Sinatra the result.

Matt said...

There are careers to be had in aphorisms?

MrPoirot said...

Judging by the Happy Easter pic I conclude that Sharon was not into satanism.

1900 Yesterday said...

Yes Matt, there is an Easter Bunny - an aphorist or a cult leader, it's a small world after all.

: )

For, as THE aphorist all aphorists Cioran said ('nother gem from EM)-

"Three in the morning...I realize this second, then this one, then the next. I draw up a balance sheet for each minute.

And why all this?

Because I was born.

It is a special type of sleeplessness that produces the indictment of birth."

Woe be to humanity.