Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thora Birch dropped from Manson Girls movie

Thora Birch is dropped from Susanna Lo's thriller biopic of Manson follower Sandra Good. Director Susanna Lo tells us that Birch's father/manager, Jack Birch, has caused a ruckus in the production and Thora will pay the price by getting ousted from the much-coveted role of Sandra Good in the film Manson Girls. "Thora is a great actress," says Lo, "but there have been several problems with her father/manager that it is dificult to work things out in an ensemble cast situation where everything needs to be balanced and fair to the whole cast. You can quote me on that. On Wednesday, January 5, you will see a fresh breakdown go out recasting the role of Sandra Good, which Thora was originally set to play ."Thanks, Dad! Dad Jack is an ex porn star (he and Birch’s mother, Carol Connors, were both in Deep Throat) and he's a fucking creep, according to accounts of his assholism on the set of Thora's 2008 thriller Winter of Frozen Dreams. Now she's fired from Manson Girls, which sounded like a perfect vehicle for Birch's downbeat sensuality and intense ability. But Daddy had to screw it up by being a jerkwad.


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