Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LAPD to receive "Tex Tapes" this Friday

Judge declines to reverse order giving Manson follower tapes to police

By Michael Martinez and Michael Cary, CNN
updated 9:32 PM EDT, Wed June 13, 2012
(CNN) -- A federal bankruptcy judge in Texas on Wednesday rejected a request by imprisoned Charles Manson follower Charles D. "Tex" Watson not to turn over personal tape recordings to Los Angeles police.
"To the extent Watson seeks a remedy regarding the LAPD's use of the recordings, or to prevent their release to the media, such matters are governed by nonbankruptcy law and can be addressed to a court of competent jurisdiction," Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brenda T. Rhoades wrote in her ruling.

In the meantime, Los Angeles police plan to pick up the tapes on Friday, spokesman Cmdr. Andrew Smith told CNN.


revatron said...

If this were the new (insert popular recording artist here) CD we'd have a bootleg by thursday

LH said...

Even if there isn't any "new" information, I, like I'm sure most people who frequent this site, would still want to hear these tapes. Though we probably never will. But I bet ya John Aes-Nihil will get his hands on em!

Anonymous said...

I dont see why if there wasnt anything incriminating on these tapes why Stabby Tex would fight so hard to keep them out of public viewing

Patty is Dead said...

Hi Jesse! Patty cant help but laugh every time you call him "Stabby Tex."