Friday, July 6, 2012


Anonymous is wondering if anyone remembers a family that may have been involved with the Manson Family and lived with them in the desert. The woman's name was Patricia, her husband at the time went by Ralph, Ralph Angel, or Refugio Ojeda. Pat may have also used the last name Arnold.  Ralph was Hispanic, was originally from Texas, and had an affinity for young girls. They had four children together three boys (the youngest had an unusual first name and would have been 3 to 4 years old in 1968/69), and one girl (the youngest). Pat had several daughters by other men, some may have been with them. They were involved with Scientology and had lived in various areas of California, Oregon and Washington. If anyone remembers them, please get in touch. It could be important.


Unknown said...

Patricia Arnold/Ojeda, whose last name is Krenik now, is my grandmother.

Ralph Ojeda died back in 1999.

I've never heard anything about them living with the Manson family. Where did this information come from?

Matt said...

Hi RL. This post was quite some time ago and no one responded so we really don't know. If Patricia is still living why don't you ask her & then email me. Sounds like it would be fun to speak with her!