Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter from Steve McQueen to his attorney regarding Manson Family Threats

Letter written to McQueen’s attorney, Edward “Eddie” Rubin on Le Mans / Solar Productions letterhead, by Steve McQueen, documenting his concerns about Charles Manson and his murdering crew of misfits. He, as well as, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Tom Jones (good company…) were believed, through an investigation of the murders, to be targeted for assassination by Charles Manson’s crew.

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Matt said...

Sorry for the OT, but this is a really good read:

Unknown said...

Thanks, Matt - Rob

Farflung said...

What were McQueen’s ‘connections’ to the Family?

He starred in ‘The Sand Pebbles’ where the hairstylist was none other than Jay Sebring. Jay Sebring is often cited as being a top Hollywood hairstylist, although the list seems to end there since no one can name three or four others.

McQueen’s love interest in ‘The Sand Pebbles’ was played by Candice Bergen. Uh oh, now it’s getting weird since Candice lived at Cielo before Jay was murdered. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

There were other actors in that movie too. Like the grizzled Captain of the ship portrayed by Richard Crenna. He would go on to star in the TV movie ‘And the Sea Will Tell’ as Vincent Bugliosi. Oh mah gawd! Was Crenna the living ghost of Manson future, to McQueen’s – Ebenezer Scrooge of ‘The Sand Pebbles’? There is certainly enough grist for another book or screenplay inspired by actual events. But it would need an equally weird ending, like having the protagonist spending his last months in a Mexican hospital, getting coffee enemas as a cancer treatment. Nah, too unbelievable; even for Hollywood.

CarolMR said...

Matt, thanks for the link to the CNN story about the country's oldest cold case. I couldn't stop reading it - it was riveting.

Matt said...

Yes, it was really long but I couldn't stop reading. Creepy dude.

Farflung said...

It’s so easy to second guess what the police did with the disappearance of Maria Ridulph, so here I go:

Of the 7,000 total population of Sycamore, about 3,500 would be male. The witness knew his approximate age and the 15-19 year old contingent represents about 4 percent of the 3,500 or 140 individuals.

According to ‘’, there are just over 5 million Johns in the US, with a male population of just over 150 million, or 3 percent of the men are named John. Following Occam’s rule, the local pool of males with the name John, Johnny, Jack, or Jon would have statistically been around 5 percent, of the 140 people from Sycamore, or a total of 7 people. Seven.

It seems like such a small number to have potentially photographed then shown to Kathie Sigman, while events were painfully fresh in her memory. But the ‘Town’ was convinced it couldn’t have been one of their own, and proceeded to follow their bias rather than the data. Tragic.

DebS said...

The story about Maria Ridulph started to unfold a couple of years ago. Most likely they did convict the right man if the first articles on the case are true.

Johnny Tessier changed his name shortly after being questioned back in 1957. Tessier was his step-father's last name and I believe the last name he uses now was his birth name. At any rate he was convicted under the name of Jack McCullough.

One of the early articles on this case with lots of info including how his alibi was broken so many years later.

The man was no angel, he was convicted of child molestation in Washington. Some sources say he had been a police officer, others that he was a security guard and that he was also a "modeling agent" with an interest in young girls.

A recent article from Seattle where he was living when arrested for Maria's murder.

Matt said...

He is a a slime ball by any measure. Similar to our Jim DiMaggio that an FBI sniper just justly eliminated from the gene pool. I'm glad he's off the streets. Period.

Unknown said...

Farflung - Roger Ebert would be proud of you. Is Kevin Bacon in there somewhere? I bet he is.