Saturday, August 10, 2013

Manson Family Inspired Art

rfoster1 and I were exchanging emails about paintings of the Family done by legitimate artists.  Between the two of us we found paintings that were quite good by one particular artist, Kaye Donachie.  Her paintings have sold for big bucks at a recent auction.  Just when you think that maybe your spending a little too much on your "hobby" you see something like this that makes it all okay!
"Every mornin' our love is reborn"  Sold for $18,400.
"Red and Blue"   Sold for $6,875.
"You hear yourself say things you could never mean"  Sold for $15,000.
"Your untold dreams I love to see"
This one was not at auction


Patty is Dead said...

The cave one is mesmerizing.

Unknown said...

Here is an original "Valley of the Dolls" print on ebay. And there are some CM original art prints for auction, as well. (

orwhut said...

I think "Red and Blue" is the pettiest picture Squeaky ever posed for but, I wouldn't pay that kind of money to sit between them.

Ajerseydevil said...

Sorry for going off the subject but thought some of you would want to know about The new MANSON book by Jeff Guinn. My take on it it was a well written book but with the exception of some things about Charlie's early childhood it's just a rehash of all that's been written before and 90% of us on hear already know
My only major issue with the book is the author states as fact that MANSON returned to the Cielo crime scene