Monday, September 23, 2013

The Lost Vacaville Tapes


The following was sent in by Ben, He is from Chicago and is the person responsible for the production, design, and release of the new Charlie Manson's album, "The Lost Vacaville Tapes". The words below are Ben's:
The 1st 200 albums are Limited Edition's that will include items such as clothing worn by Charlie, his guitar picks, guitar strings, guitar parts, loads of obscure stamps, some poems signed by Charlie, post cards, and much more.

Every one of the 1000 albums will have a heavy 24 page glossy 12 x 12 book in them, including letters from Red to CM from the early 80's, never before seen photos of Charlie, and loads of never before seen items that I have in my collection.

I have posted some new photos of the finished album, some photos of the album insert, and what the tie dyed Limited Edition albums look like, for everyone to look at.

You can take a peek at my website which is:

I think you will find the home page quite interesting with the new photos, a great interview with Michael done on the Backporch last month. I have a specific section on the page with conversations between me and Charlie talking about the album, and how excited he is about it.

Sorry for rambling but I am very excited about this release, and the quality of this music, it is SECOND TO NONE!!!!

The albums should be up on eBay and Amazon tonight for sale, so I just wanted to update you as you have a great group of dedicated followers on your site that absolutely deserve to hear this music!!

Vacaville photo of tie dyed albums, Limited Edition

Vacaville cover of 24 page glossy 12 x 12 book
All sorts of never before seem photos in these 24 pages. Letters from Red to CM, letters from CM to Red, a play that he wrote for them.

ALL OF THE ARTWORK ON THE COVER AND ALBUM ITSELF, and about 75% of the 24 pages is dated to the time of the music, from 1984 & 1983.

Vacaville 1st page of book with my tribute to my friend!!

Vacaville another page of the book - I have 4 of his guitars if you haven't noticed

Final inside page of the book
I did not send every page of the book because there is some real personal CM & Red stuff in there, and want to leave it as a surprise for people!

Back of the book - This poem is written by Charlie for Rags.... They were best of friends at Vacaville and Rags played a bit, and talked a bit with CM on 1 song on the album.


Matt said...

Holy Shit!!, eBay's going really freak-out over this one.

They may even have to "BAN" all Charles Manson materials, EXCEPT if it's infringing, illegal or pornographic.

Robert Hendrickson

Patty is Dead said...


Patty is Dead said...

Ben said, "I just wanted to update you as you have a great group of dedicated followers on your site that absolutely deserve to hear this music!!"

Hi Ben, to clarify, Patty follows Manson as in, she follows his story. People get all confused and think that this means she follows Manson in a religious sense, which she does not. Could you comment on what "followers" means to you? There is no right answer here, she is just curious.

Max Frost said...

I think he means followers of the story/case

Chris Till said...

Whether or not it is appropriate to market a murderer's music is not an easy question to answer. The famed producer & songwriter Phil Spector is a convicted murderer. So is famed drummer & songwriter Jim Gordon. Gordon won a Grammy for co-writing "Layla" while in prison. Huddie Ledbetter aka Lead Belly, the famed songwriter, was also a convicted murderer. He's probably most known for writing "Midnight Special," "Goodnight Irene," and "In the Pines"/"Where Did You Sleep Last Night."

Patty is Dead said...

Hi Max. :)

Max Frost said...

Hi Patty.

WOW! Someone knows who Jim "the human metronome" Gordon is...

Unknown said...

I can tell you that I follow Charlie, and his entire life story because of the intrigue. I speak with him frequently, we have become quite close friends. I think I have always followed him because I am most intrigued by the California penal system. Legally Charlie should have been out of Corcoran 16 years ago based on the charges, however Charlie has his own set of rules for everything at CSP. We actually discussed this last night. I absolutely do not follow Charlie in the sense of religion. I continue to stand behind my beliefs that since the state of Califormia will never set him free, and quite frankly I don't think he would know what to do if he wasn't behind bars. I firmly believe that they should transfer him back to Vacaville of another mental health facility, so he is free to express himself thru his art, writings, music, etc. I certainly don't believe that the 78 year old man I know is any threat at a mental health facility, they just love to mess with Charlie at CSP. It actually makes me sick, the extent they will go thru to treat him like shit, and have developed his own set of rules for just Charlie. All I know after our discussions last night is that he is so thrilled to hear this music, I could almost hear him jumping up and down. Just a tie bit of info. Charlie has had numerous people in his inner circle searching high and low for this specific recording for 30 years, claiming it was the
BEST music he ever recorded. Please look past the Tye Died Album, the photos, the letters, all of the never before seen items in these 24 pages, and listen to the MUSIC!!!! As Charlie said last night, "This is by far the best recording of music he has EVER done, and he can not wait to hear Rags voice again" The MUSIC is what sets this album apart from ANY other release done to date!! The rest is all eye candy, and was loads of work, to make it right, and put it out the way Charlie and I talked about it. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST CHARLES MANSON MUSIC I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!! And I have every album ever released. I'm not saying it because I released it, Charlie thinks so, and I have to agree with him. As far as following him, once again, I don't follow anyone, I'm my own person, with my own thoughts and brain. Most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth goes in one ear, and right out the other. All I know is he has always been a gentlemen to me and my family, and I give him the same respect he gives us! Thanks you guys!

Patty is Dead said...

Thank you Ben. Much obliged!

beauders said...

I also believe based on Manson's age he belongs in a mental hospital prison not Corcoran. I don't follow Manson and in no way condone any of his illegal activities. I believe that people who are 80+ do not belong in the hole or horrid prisons like Corcoran or Pelican Bay. Once a prisoner is 80 they should not be punished any longer just contained.

Jenn said...

Chris, just a couple of things:
1. Gordon didn't co- write Layla while in prison. Layla happened about 13 years before he killed his mother. By the way, I live about a mile from his location. I've taken some pictures and thought I might write up a little thing for the group on the two Manson related sites where I live if the group would like it: Atascadero State Hospital and California Men's Colony.

2. Leadbelly didn't write Goodnight Irene, though he popularized it first, just before The Weavers.


Max Frost said...

Missed that one...yes he cowrote Layla (including writing that long piano solo) long before he was locked up.

I actually lived in a place with a backyard that was over the fence from the backyard of his mothers house.

Matt said...

Jenn, email me...

AustinAnn74 said...

I agree with y'all that CM should probably be transferred to another facility that is not as severe. I mean, why keep f*cking with him? It was always my personal opinion that anyone who desired employment as a prison guard had to be an individual who got off on bossing people around. You know, like a sadist, who has a position of power. (Of course, some people just need a good, steady paycheck). I am no bleeding heart either, but I do think Manson is probably treated like shit. I even heard one of his phone calls with Michael from Backporch, and Manson was asked by Michael which is the worst prison he's been in, and Manson told him definitely Corcoran.

Chris Till said...

@Jenn. I look forward to reading your articles on ASH and CMC. Of course, Gordon and Clapton co-wrote "Layla" well before he was convicted of murder. As well, his remarkably prolific was concluded by that time. The 1993 "Layla" Grammy was for the acoustic Clapton version, which was recorded after Gordon's conviction. Indeed, there is controversy on the authorship of "Goodnight, Irene." My understanding is that the song is credited to Lead Belly (and John Lomax!) on the copyright and the Weavers version. A cursory googling indicates that Lead Belly may have appropriated the melody (or aspects of the melody) from an older song, but wrote the lyrics (or many/most of the lyrics). Anyway, the main point of my post was a response to the disclaimer at the top of the post, regarding the dissemination of the music of convicted killers. There are certainly several handfuls of other musicians who have been convicted/charged/suspected of murder, including some blues artists (including Son House), a ska artist (Don Drummond), a country artist (Spade Cooley), and Mr. Sid Vicious himself. As a music fan, it is difficult to know how to respond to such villainous behavior on the part of an admired artist.

Matt said...

Patty's comment about "followers" got me to thinking - why eviliz at all?

Then I thought about Jesse James, Billy the Kid, etc. Here and now there is a place for "everyone" to participate in the historic documentation of perhaps the "king" of all criminals OR as some would prefer, the story of a new messiah. Which ever the case, years from now anyone can make of it all as they wish, but at least there will exist much in the way of authentic background material. Not so with the likes of Jesse and Billy.

The old West stories have been very distorted by motion pictures for excitement sake, thus today we only have "half baked" truths to learn from. Without question, the 1960's Vietnam War and the Charles Manson Family still stand out as important vehicles in which to travel back to the time of America's last Civil REVOLUTION.

Eventually, we ALL will be just "FOLLOWERS"

Robert Hendrickson

Patty is Dead said...

Robert, you should really get a copy of "Live Freaky, Die Freaky." A rock musical based on a Manson religion 1,000 years in the future. Patty is positive that you will enjoy it.

Unknown said...

If Charlie is going to be stuck at Corcoran, (Which he will be there for the rest of his days) they should at least let him alone. The consistent mistreatment of him, denying him some of his basic privileges to me at age 78 is absolutely ludicrous!! Leave the man alone to do his thing, he has most certainly paid his debt to society ten fold. Corcoran needs to do the right thing by him in his old age, some of the shit that goes on with him is just ludicrous!!

fiona1933 said...

"Sharpened Steel Knives came through the spirits eyes, landed on my tongue"

That's the clearest confession Charlie has made since the Sawyer interview ("Well, yes I did say that" when asked if he told the girls to Go with Tex…)

plus, "Spiralling Staircase Dreams". This song or letter is full of occult hints all right. Wants dissecting. Charlie is cryptic, but he is not senseless. The things he writes are codes.
plus that list at the end strongly reminds me of something from the Maury Terry book, Ultimate Evil. The Berkowitz letters featured lists of Satanic type names like that.

Anyone know Maury Terry's email??

This is the most important document I have seen from Charlie. It's not nearly as obscure as usual and there are decodable references.

Unknown said...

You guys really need to grab a copy of Charlie's new album " The Lost Vacaville Tapes" off Amazon or there are around 60 Limited Editions left with some really nice treats from Charlie in them. Visit the site it's got great conversations from this week, photos, art, worth looking at weather you want an album or not!!

Tom Schulte said...

I have an episode of my radio show that features cuts from the album and an interview w/Ben:

Tom Schulte said...

My interview with Gurecki about the release is now archived to

Unknown said...

Well friends I just want to announce that there are only 25 copies of Charlie's new album "The Lost Vacaville Tapes" left. There are some great items left in the last 25 copies. They can be found on Amazon or at my site

Thanks for everyone's support who has received a copy, and for those who haven't, you truly are missing out on something special. Many Thanks, Ben