Friday, October 25, 2013

Burned by Susanna Lo!

A  reader recently wrote in to let us know how his experience bidding on eBay for a walk on
role in Susanna Lo's Manson Girls:

Hi, I came across your blog entry on Susanna Lo and the Manson Girls movie. She scammed me out of 2,000 dollars by selling a walk on role in the film. She is still refusing to refund me the money. The financing of the film fell apart almost two years ago and she is still maintaining an page and listing all these famous actors as being in the movie even though they aren’t involved. I have screen captures of the auction I bought and I have emails from the guy who ran the auction detailing all the issues with Susanna Lo. I also have an email from the manager of  (an actress) where he says (she) was no longer involved with the film because financing fell apart. But Susanna still keeps her listed as one of the people starring in the film. 

Here are some of the emails: 

To: "Eviliz Reader"
Subject: Manso (sic) Girls film Walk On Role 
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 14:47:38 -0400 
From: "MSA"

Hi, I got a message from T that you were trying to get a hold of me. I actually tried calling you last year and even left a message and emailed you c (sic) few times but never heard back so I assumed you had already worked out something with Susanna Lo. Did you change your email and number since you won the auction? 

Unfortunately she will not pay you a dime as well as the other guy who won the walk on role. We advanced her a lot of money as a deposit and she refuses to give us anything and hasn't even offered to try and work it out somehow. Basically she defrauded all of us and now we are forced to sue her and her company. I really wish it didn't have to be that way but I guarantee that no one will ever invest a dime with her for the rest of her life when we are done. This is my personal email address so if you need to reach me. We may want to include you in the law suite (sic) if that's ok with you. We just want to get everyone's money back including ours. She has repeatedly told anyone who has money tied up with her that she is filming or will start up again, saying that over and over. In the meantime can you put together all of her email correspondences with you and forward me that? that would help a great deal. Thanks. "MSA"

From: "Eviliz Reader"
Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2013 6:46 AM 
To: "J"
Subject: Manson Girls 

Hi, About two years ago I paid for a walk-on role in the movie "Manson Girls". I never received what I paid for as the movie has not gone into production. The auction I bought on Ebay stated that I would be entitled to a full refund if the movie did not go into production within 18 months. I have not been able to get my money from Susanna Lo or SloMo Productions. I know that your client (the actress) was one of the producers on the film. I would like to see if you could help me get my money back since Susanna Lo refuses to cooperate. Thank you, "Eviliz Reader"

From: "J"
To: "Eviliz Reader"
Subject: RE: Manson Girls 
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 17:58:05 +0000 

Hi– I’m sorry to hear about your situation with the production. That is truly unfortunate, but Susanna is certainly the right person to contact. (The actress) was not a producer with producing responsibilities. The production was not able to meet her financial quote. So instead, they offered her an additional “producing credit” as a way to entice her onto the project. From what I understand, the film fell apart due to lack of financing. (The actress) never worked on the project and was never paid. She has since moved on to other projects. I asked (the actress) if she had any contact information for Susanna and she informed me that all of her contact information was out of date and she did not know how to reach her. Sorry about that. I wish I could be of more help. All the best, "J"

Well! How rude, huh? Patty confirmed that "the Actress" is no longer listed on the IMDb record accessed on 10/23 (above) . Susanna is making friends all over, it seems. Perhaps she earned some bad karma by not sending Liz the T-shirt she promised? ooEEoo


DebS said...

Thanks for sharing this Patty! Interesting to see how people scam from all walks of life. This woman can probably kiss off any future in the movie business.

I hope your contact joins the others in that law suit.

Trilby said...

The Colonel was correct from day one in his assessment of this "movie-that-never-was". Hope the blog reader gets their money back. Lo oughta be ashamed - $2000. is alot of money. Even if it was $5., she's totally unethical.

Patty is Dead said...

Patty does too. he's a nice normal guy who aspired to write. He was hoping to make business contacts, and also meet one of the actors whose band he really likes: two very valid reasons and he thought he was protected financially. Buyer beware!

LoLo said...

I've heard of people getting ripped off on sites asking for funding for shows & movies. I wouldn't send my money to any of them. Just because they have a website & email doesn't make them honest. Be careful!

shadow said...

Yeah, I am the one who was scammed. It really sucks. I was able to get IMDB to remove a lot of the cast of their page. Taryn Manning is still listed as playing Sadie and she has nothing to do with that movie or Susanna Lo. I've tried speaking with Susanna Lo several times, the way she lies is scary, I would almost think she has some sort of personality disorder.

I appreciate you posting this, it doesn't look like I will ever see any of my money returned but I hope this will prevent other people from trusting her and getting scammed the way I did.

Sun King said...

This person/prod. co. was also soliciting bands on Craig's List to submit songs for the Movie Soundtrack. I seem to recall there was also a submission fee. These people were really covering all the bases for scams.

ColScott said...

It doesn't take a genius to know that a bad script, a no talent director and a crud point of view will lead to nothing. I am not surprised that she ripped people off either. Did you see her Kickstarter? one of the worst failures I have seen

Matt said...

Hardwood furniture at Spahn.

Patty is Dead said...

oh, my. Its like a Miley Cyrus video based on a 90's adaptation of a 70's movie. Bad news.

shadow said...

It's cool you guys helped me get some attention for this.

It sucks losing that money but it also makes me feel like an idiot for getting scammed.

It's also just infuriating how Susanna Lo refuses to even apologize or acknowledge that she took my money.

She now insists the auction had nothing to do with her even though she mentioned the auction in several interviews.

I hope she made the money last, because I don't think she's going to be making a living as a filmmaker.

Although she recently claimed she was developing a Jack the Ripper television show for a major network, and she insists that Manson Girls is still being filmed, she even claimed that she will refuse to release it straight to DVD and that it deserves a wide release in movie theaters.

She is a seriously delusional person.

She is a good con artist though. Or at least she was, I don't know if she's going to be able to get away with this sort of thing in the future.

It's a shame that Taryn Manning has to be associated with her. She is a very talented actress and musician.

ColScott said...

okay here is the original listing

You have a slam dunk claim against Auctiondoctors. Contact them. Why haven't you?

shadow said...

I've tried contacting Auction Doctors several times. Ebay has been no help.

And the Auction Doctors guys told me that they couldn't refund me because they claim they were scammed by Susanna Lo too.

They were trying to get me to pursue legal action against Susanna Lo but the legal fees would end up eating up whatever money I'd get back.

I don't know where I'd file a claim against Auction Doctors.

Unless it was possible to sue for the money and legal fees too.

You think I'd have a chance going after them?

They insist that they aren't liable for the money. They also claim to be pursuing a lawsuit against Susanna Lo.

But they lie about just as much as she does.

shadow said...

The MSA email that was quoted in the blog post is from the Auction Doctors guy actually. So that's his position on it.

The auction clearly said that I was entitled to a full refund after 18 months but he refuses to refund me so I don't really know what to do at this point.

ColScott said...

you are being dumb and I am not sure why
The claim is filed with ebay and/or paypal

You paid money- you were not given goods.

This is mail fraud and theft and conversion

Contact ebay about auction doctors- and let THEM know you are doing so

They will settle with you immediately

shadow said...

I've tried doing it through the ebay resolution center. I even called them directly. They told me they could only help if I'd made the report within 60 days of the purchase, the problem is the listing said I had to wait 18 months for a refund, so by the time I found out this was fraudulent it was too late for me to get ebay to handle it.

If I try to file a claim on the website it won't let me pick that purchase.

The Auction Doctors guy Mark S. Anthony will no longer respond to my emails or phone calls.

When I threatened legal action in the past he would only say that he welcomed it and that any legal action I took against him would help in his case against Susanna Lo.

He doesn't seem to care either way about giving me back my money.

shadow said...

I also made the purchase through a Chase debit card and not through Paypal, so I don't have the option of reporting it to Paypal.

It's possible Chase might help, I am going to check with them.

DebS said...

Shadow you might try contacting your local news station, particularly if they have a consumer watchdog team that showcases consumer fraud on their nightly news. My ABC local news has something called "Seven on Your Side" and I believe they have the same feature at most ABC affiliates.

Hopefully you are armed with plenty of documentation. They seem to like going after high profile business entities.

shadow said...

Auction Doctors has a %100 rating on Ebay, which is a surprise. They have been very unprofessional in all my dealings with them.

I will look into that local news thing.

I filed a report with the FBI because the local police said that they handled internet fraud. I don't know if much will come of it.

But I have the receipt from ebay and several emails where Mark S. Anthony clearly stated he would not give me the refund I was entitled to so it's easy to prove what him and Auction Doctors did.

Patty is Dead said...

get 'em, Shadow!

ColScott said... says--

You probably don't care, but Susanna Lo owes us $17,000 for other packages we sold and auction item advances.

Also, in the eBay listing the Jeff bought it clearly said: "Auction Doctors, Inc, the auction manager, is performing a management service on behalf of and at direction of Slomotion Studios and as such is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for any warranties or guarantees either explicit or implied herein. We are starting this auction low with no reserve - highest bid wins! Terms and Disclosures - Your participation in this auction constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions."

Also Jeff was informed that we are in the midst of suing Susanna Lo and welcome him to be part of the case. We indeed will fight to get his money, and our money, back.

Check our reputation, we are not in the business of screwing anyone over. But in this case, we got screwed over royally. Please donate your energies to focusing on Susanna Lo, the real criminal behind all of this. AND, she is trying it again:


Ås a defrocked Priest, Movie maker or lawyer, whatever I am, I appreciate this news. He is also wrong- they sold it, they are responsible.

shadow said...

I can't believe she is doing another fundraiser.

Manson Girls was never even made and she claims in there that it's an upcoming film.

I feel bad for anyone who contributes money to Rabid, as they will just be getting ripped off.

Susanna Lo is such a scumbag.

shadow said...

Also that guy Todd is lying about the terms and disclosures because I bought it at a flat rate for 1,950. I didn't win the original auction.

I bought the walk on role in separate listing that was a buy it now sort of thing.

The only terms in there were that if the film didn't go into production for 18 months from the time of purchase that I would be entitled to a full refund.

Nothing has been filmed beyond that sizzle reel, which was done before the auction ever went up.

But you can see what kind of people I'm dealing with and how frustrating it is.

They are all liars who refuse to take responsibility for their actions and have no problem with taking people's money.

AuctDrs said...

Jeff, please let the public know that I did refund your money. And for the record, we indeed lost $17000 to Susanna Lo. One of the best con-artists I've ever come across. And she is still active on KickStarter roping in more me. I trusted my former partner in setting this deal up - our contract with her was defaulted on - and every lower I spoke to says it would cost more for their services then we could collect. Do not do business with Susanna Lo, people.

Matt said...

Hi AuctDrs,

Patty did credit you for doing the right thing in THIS POST.

We do acknowledge that Auction Doctors was scammed every bit as much as the subject in our posts.

Thank you again. It's good to know that in the end you made it right.