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Manson and Calley, to the death

This is another Manson related article published by the Los Angeles Free Press that did not make it into the pdf that they are offering with all (so they say) the Manson articles.  This piece is an obvious satire,  a complete 180 from the first articles published in the Freep about Manson.   So much for peace, love and understanding.

Volume 8, No. 14 (Issue No. 350) April 2-8, 1971
"An immodest proposal

Will Lt. Calley kill Charles Manson for charity?

Sam Eisenstein

A suggestion made in jest some months ago, then spread as a rumor, finally reached the ears of the people in a position to deal with it seriously.  That suggestion is about to bear fruit.  Naturally, until the "package" is ready for publication, all names involved and the exact details must remain confidential.  We can say at this time however, that the necessary changes in local and state laws and the governor's approval are almost certain.

The linking of Lieutenant Calley and Charles Manson in a public exhibition to raise money for extremely worthwhile causes is, all agree, a stroke of genius.  Nobody involved with the extremely sensitive negotiations can recall just who thought of it first.  But here it is: Sometime just after school begins again in the fall, Charles Manson will be publically executed by Lieutenant Calley in the Los Angeles Coliseum.  The event will be carried live by closed-circuit television and satellite to millions of homes across the planet.  In addition, there will be a lottery to determine who will get parts of Charles Manson's body.  Manson's co-defendants have agreed to burn themselves to death separately during the execution.  Calley is certain that he can prolong Manson's death throughout the immolation of the girls, and if there are any others of Charlie's "family" who wish to step forward, he is sure that the timing of Manson's death can be adjusted accordingly.
If the plan is approved, it will be the first public execution in California in over a century.  It will be the first time a legal lottery has been held in California.  And last but not least the first lottery and execution carried on closed circuit television.

These are the obvious "firsts" involved, but behind the scenes, the excitement is for very different reasons.  And you guessed it, all the reasons sift down to just one: money.
Even those who were horrified when first approached for their opinions, when they were told the very real financial gains possible, changed their position.  Even those firmly opposed to capital punishment, when presented with a signed testimony by Charles Manson (not available for direct quotation at this time) to the effect that he and his Family were glad to present and example of how bravely and calmly it was possible to die, to be an example against the cowardly hypocrisy of the society that condemned him to death, while in fact, the society itself was sick and dying.  And the fact that society was willing to pay enormous sums (that could have been spent on restoring medical, welfare, etc.) to see him butchered, proved to him and his Family, how morally bankrupt the society was.

The officials most closely involved with negotiations were happy to give Manson his propaganda "victory," as they believed, and so it turned out, that the benefits to the poor, elderly, the educational establishment, etc. were going to prove to be enormous.
Examples:  With the estimated $50,000,000 gross take for tickets, TV, lottery, etc. all budget cuts to the University of California, the State Colleges, Medi-Cal, Rural Assistance, and many others will be restored.  Many more students will be able to enter colleges in California. Many elderly will get the kind of care they deserve and are entitled to.  Stalled legislative programs for re-education of out-of-work aero-space engineers will be implemented.

"Wait a minute," the wary taxpayer protests.  "Fifty million dollars is a lot of money, but not THAT much."  True, the officials admit.  But Calley-Manson, or CM is just a start.  With the necessary laws enacted, and the expected carried to and tested by the Supreme Court, CM will be only the first of semiannual or even bimonthly exhibitions.

It is expected that many variations of the basic execution will be worked out and held in different localities.  The punishment will be designed to fit the crime.  Knife murderers, such as Manson, will have pieces of their bodies cut off, little by little.  "An eye for and eye, a tooth for a tooth."  Calley, in his turn, will after full military honors, band playing and a 21-gun salute, be torn apart by four-to six year old Vietnamese orphans.  The estates of the two men will be richly endowed.  And it will be in their own interests to speak to the press at length before the executions.  Other public enemies will die by drawing and quartering, being placed on the rack, poisoning.  Naturally, not all executions will lend themselves to large public gatherings.  For less famous criminals smaller facilities will be rented.

A few indirect comments by religious, political, and social leaders might be in order:
From a priest: "Our Lord was executed publicly.  Without the crucifixion there would be no Christianity."

From a rabbi: "If the social beliefs of an act are great, the individual serves society and himself well by lending himself to it."

From a retired deputy sheriff: "This will prove a deterrent to anybody thinking about committing a crime in cold blood, and it will provide more peace officers to keep the people in line."

From the governor's office: "We're quite hopeful this will go through.  The governor has pledged himself to keeping taxes down and providing relief for homeowners.  Now, homeowners will be able to sleep better at night, pay less, and justice will be served."

From a mortician: "We will have facilities for public viewing of the remains, in a tasteful way, and in a way the will increase the public fiscal benefits of the whole idea.  I'm for it."

From a Mother: "I say let children see the results of misbehaving.  It'll teach them a good lesson.  You just can't get away from that sort of thing, immorality, and sleeping around.  Good for them, I say."

From a pacifist: "I think the state is going to reap too much glory and loot from this, but a person has a right to dispose of his life the way he wants to.  I can't say he shouldn't go this way."

From someone against capital punishment: "Well, it isn't really capital punishment.  They could stay in jail, they could keep appealing for years.  I'm not against suicide."

From a war prisoner's wife: "Maybe this will get my husband home."

From a psychiatrist: "This is what Manson really wanted. The public convinced him he was the devil in the flesh.  He won't feel a thing as he's cut up. He knows he's supernatural and above all human laws."

From an English teacher: "All this is a poor take-off on  Jonathan Swift's 'A Modest Proposal.' "

So there it is.  The most daring break with the past ever suggested in California State history.  Who knows how far and wide the idea will spread, how much positive social good will come of it, how much legal revenue without new taxes will be generated, while at the same time Justice is served?
Now is the time for the public to be heard.  What do you think?"


orwhut said...

I looked up Calley. As of 2012 he was alive and chubby and living in Atlanta.

Matt said...

Great find Deb!

This article is a perfect representation of just how the 1960's were developing some very progressive scholars, writers, readers, etc. (Today) it reads like something only "farflung" would come up with.

On the positive side, The Vietnam War (Calley) and Manson (anti-establishment) created a new enviornment in which a new form of creative intelligence could blossom. AND that's a good thing.

Like it or not, this MANSON Blog and the folks who participate along with ALL the "writers of books," research articles, etc. are breaking new ground. Maybe it appears that the Manson Family case story is fading, at least to some extent, BUT that is simply NOT true. The subject is attracting a new and improved audience. YES, it's growing from kids who just want to hear about the sex orgies and horrorific events to educators, lawyers, and even celebrities, who realize the Manson saga may be the most significant story associated with the 1960s.

Even Obama is aware enough to realize that if it were not for the 1960s, HE would NOT be a PRESIDENT of anything!

As for "book sales" IF it was only about the money, as a capitalistic society demands, everyone should be a "drug dealer," or politician.

AND YES Leary, YOU may be on to something with a record/movie company connection. Terry Melcher, Terry Melcher, Terry Melcher - it was his freak'in house! AND they wrote "Pig" on the front door - which can ONLY mean a gobal black and white race war is involved?????

With ANY controversial case there is always , at least, one critical piece of evidence MISSING, which could change the general perception of the case. In the JFK case, how many knew that shortly before his assassination, HE dis-pleased some AT Area 51? AND we are talking NATIONAL US Security here! And NOW, it was finally revealed that ex-president Jerry Ford was the FBI's personal "stoolie" on the Warren Commission. Hoover actually had Ford on the inside helping to manipulate the outcome of the Warren Report.

AND lastly, there is NO question, Charles Manson personally developed a perfected technique for re-programing people. At the time, the US government and more specifically the US military was diligently experimenting with human beings/drugs in an effort to accomplish EXACTLY what CM perfected. COINCIDENCE ????????????

My best,
Robert Hendrickson

DebS said...

Robert, I too thought of Farflung when I first read this!

There were huge headlines the day that Calley was found guilty of killing 22 Vietnamese civilians, he was originally charged with killing 102. It's not that those other 80 civilians weren't killed, they were, but that the charges were pled down. Calley ultimately served 3 1/2 years house arrest in his quarters at Ft. Benning.

On the very same day that Calley was found guilty Manson and the girls were given the death penalty.

While neither crime was in no way justified there was so much inequity regarding the punishment that it made people sit up and take notice. Your right, Robert, it created a new environment for more rational thought.

DebS said...

BTW, I chose Calley's picture carefully for this post. Look at his eyes!!! Remind you of anyone's?

Farflung said...

A federal building was purchased last year to be converted into a “Four plus star” luxury hotel:

Hotel Dewberry

I realize it will take a while to reconcile the utilitarian majesty of the typical federal building, becoming a hotel worthy in the private sector, so take a moment. But this isn’t just any old government structure, nope; it’s the Mendel Rivers building. Yes, THE Mendel Rivers. But who is he?

While the My Lei massacre was taking place, not everyone was actively participating. There was a helicopter orbiting the area which was piloted by Hugh Thompson. He landed his chopper between some running civilians and Calley’s troops in a successful attempt to halt some of the slaughter. He had those civilians airlifted out and went on to testify about what he had witnessed that day. The person who led the hearing in which Thompson testified was none other than Mendel Rivers, who didn’t believe a single word. Rivers actually wanted Thompson prosecuted for filing a false report, or treason, or anything so he would STFU. With a crime of such magnitude and with so many participants, someone was bound to blab thus validating Thompson’s testimony. Eventually the My Lei massacre was exposed and Calley became the poster boy for one of America’s darkest and shameful chapters.

Mendel Rivers went on to be scorned and ridiculed for his wicked and cruel manipulation of the justice system…. NOT. He was virtually beautified by having a submarine named in his honor, along with this soon to be failure of a Four Star federal hotel. And is it a coincidence this hotel is in Charleston, a city named after…. Charles? Of course it is, don’t be silly. And is it also a coincidence that Charleston is partially in Berkeley County? Of course it is. But if there is such a thing as karma, mojo, or bad vibes, then this hotel should become a vortex of bad dreams for guests, and bad luck for the owners. Oo-ee-oo.

Max Frost said...

The Manson/Calley thing was also talked about in Scanlon Murphy's '94 docu.

Patty is Dead said...

ps Bobby you are far from dumb.

Patty is Dead said...

and that time Patty said "fuck you Bobby", she's really sorry about that.

Max Frost said...

I was starting to feel left out...

Patty is Dead said...

Oops, sorry! Fuck you too, Max! xxoo

Farflung said...

A person sent to fight in a foreign war is just as bound by laws as anyone else. Military personnel will kill enemy combatants until they lose their will to fight. That is surrender, where they become non-combatants and are treated as such. They are out of the game and the victor is responsible for their shelter, clothing, food, and medical treatment or one could just line them up and let loose with a machine gun. Yeah, war can be worse, much worse without laws.

Civilians are not part of the conflict except in some very narrow and well defined circumstances. Acting as a spy or saboteur is outside the rules of war, and can end swiftly with summary execution. No soldier, sailor, airman, or marine has carte blanche to rape, kill, or otherwise act any differently than he/she would at home. They are “over there” to do a job with the utmost of honor, and the vast majority do precisely that.

After WWII, what became known as the Nuremberg Trials established the limits of following orders, by subordinates. Basically the ruling held that regardless of the source of the order, facilitating wholesale slaughter is so universally abhorrent, that it qualifies as a crime against humanity, no matter the circumstance. Without this check valve, the next conflict will likely escalate in horror, while providing that only one person be responsible for the crime. Yes soldiers follow orders, but according to their oath, only legal orders are to be obeyed.

“I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

Besides being able to think for themselves the US military pledges to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Not a King, Dictator, or any person, but a concept which isn’t fallible or at risk of ego, mental instability, or any frailty associated with human run organizations. Most may not take this too seriously or even consider what a unique pledge this represents in the world, but that’s the intent, and my corny belief.

My Lei (PBS)

Above is a PBS perspective to consider. What would you do? Go along or be one to fight the group mentality? Most people will flatter themselves by saying they would have never engaged in the murder of innocents. These same people will attend a company meeting and cheer and clap the loudest too. They will say that it’s not a big deal to go with the flow at work, but expect you to believe they will develop a moral foundation and spine when it hits the fan. I for one don’t think these Walter Mittys will do any such thing. The documentary gives the view from old men telling their stories about My Lei, and is interesting in how some have changed or appreciate the gravity of what happened, versus those who maintain the same position. If it was as simple as training, then it should also be simple to train rules of law and ethics in boot camp. But the cover-up always indicates guilt, be it My Lei, Watergate, or police yelling at people to turn off their cameras. As I’m pure in intent, if not my actions, I would welcome any review, filming, or interpretive dance of my conduct in whatever. But the history of My Lei is still fresh and may have a few chapters to go, until the truth becomes less foggy.

Max Frost said...

Dearest Patty,

I meant that I finally feel validated now that I have made the list (among such fantastic company) of people targeted in the letters.

We must be doing SOMETHING right...

Matt said...

Research shows that in WWII 50% of soldiers shot OVER the heads of the enemy. The military being of the genius breed then discovered that soldiers were NOT taught to HATE the enemy ENOUGH. Then comes Vietnam and beginging in basic training we were taught to HATE the Fuck'in slant-eyed commie gooks." AND voila, it cut the percentage to 25%. Seems that "brain washing" can work wonders. Thank God our military only uses God fearing, upstanding, moral patriots to do the job!

Maybe IF Charles Manson was the low-bidder, HE could have gotten the job and NOT have ended the

Robert Hendrickson

Matt said...

To bobby:

Thank you for the link: I did not know where the figures originated from.

For years after the Vietnam War, revealing documentary films were made, BUT later were hidden from the public - because they exposed to much. In a "draft" situation, most soldiers suffer from the moral conflict issue: Is it against God's will that I KILL? The government says it's OK - if it's WAR, but who can trust the government for the truth?

Ask your father to tell you all he knows about WAR. My father was one of the first to enter Japan after the bomb, but if we had NOT dropped the bomb, every Japanesse man woman and child was ordered to NOT surrender, so an entire race of people would have been slaughtered - as well tens of thousands of Americans would have died - and I probably would never have met ny father.

Robert (not Rick) Hendrickson