Saturday, November 9, 2013

Charles Manson Fan Club

In case you need a Manson T-shirt, Zippo Lighter or Hoodie.


leary7 said...

Patty, I can't email you because when I click on the addresses to the right I get a box that says ' default mail client has not been properly installed". I am not a techie so it will take me a week to figure that one out. But both Matt and Liz have my email address so feel free to get it from them.
By the way, my 'booty days' ended last century. I am beyond harmless. Just all talk.

Matt said...

Leary, those links launch standard email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. If you are using some web mail like gmail or Yahoo our addresses are:


Matt said...


If YOU knew the principals of basic math - like 3 plus 2 equals 5, and YOU could already read simple books like "See Bill run after Jane" - HOW many teachers would YOU NEED to obtain the equavilance of a FREE K through 12 education? It's a "numbers" answer!

Can a question also be a comment? Can information promote an agenda?

Can an owl really SEE in the dark? Can a criminal really have a brain?

AND who is Adolf Hitler - is he the clown who started the Vietnam War?

Robert Hendrickson

Patty is Dead said...

Patty recently heard someone muse (it might have been Josh or Michael) that everything you can learn in college is now available on the internet. While this may be true, there's so much information out there that one really needs a tour guide to point out the pertinent stuff. Its also helpful to have one place with all the equipment and supplies you need to make MDA already in place. And the connections you make at a prestigious college...say, Harvard for example...the connections are absolutely invaluable. IPHO.

DebS said...

I'll bite Robert. Theoretically you would only need one teacher and that teacher could be one of your parents if you were home schooled. Home schooling isn't free either, there are expenses.

But all in all it's not the quantity but the quality of the teacher(s). Life in of itself is an education. Having children can teach you so much. Lessons learned from interacting with your peers, such as we do here, can be educational, too. It all depends what you open your mind to, or not, as the case may be.

That said, I know one place you can get a free college education, room, board, materials all for free. That would be prison, just ask Bruce Davis.

Patty is Dead said...

Oh the irony!

Max Frost said...

There's a line in a Manson song, something like "Gotta go to school so I can learn to be a gosh darn fool."

That's an accurate statement when we are talking about public schools - which are just indoctrination centers where history is rewritten and loaded with fictitious government propaganda.

Keep your kids out of public (government) schools. Give them a chance to be allowed to be themselves so their inherent brilliance can flourish for the benefit of this and future generations.

The government machine is afraid of the words INDIVIDUAL and BRILLIANT. That's why we have these indoctrination centers that kids are FORCED to attend daily during their most impressionable years.

By the time most kids graduate high school, they have lost all potential for individuality - they are programmed.

leary7 said...

Conspiracy nuts like you who see a bogeyman behind every tree just give me a headache. I taught in public schools with a hundred brilliant, dedicated and caring teachers who worked their asses off to foster individuality and brilliance. Go ahead, sit in your holy tower of righteousness (delusion) and demean worthy folk because you have convinced yourself you are one of the few who possess THE TRUTH.
I am an idiot for even responding to such utter crapola, but there are so many intelligent and insightful people on these blogs it's just an insult to have someone spew such worn out paranoid rhetoric.

Max Frost said...

Times have changed Leary.

What year(s) was it that you worked with these teachers you speak of? No doubt it was a LONG time ago.

The quality of public education has severely declined over the last handful of decades, Leary. Even most "inside the box" thinkers can see that. Teachers can only teach what they've been taught - they certainly CAN'T teach common sense.

You're so quick to judge and hurl insults, Leary. I would think a man of your age would have gotten past that phase a long, long time ago.

It would behoove you to open up to the reality that there's still a lot you aren't aware of but CAN learn.

Max Frost said...

Sounds intriguing Bobby...

Can you elaborate please?

maudes harold said...


Shall I compare thee to a summer's eve???

For thou art a douche.

Max Frost said...

Did you think of that all by yourself La-de-la?

You should channel your wisdom inward; and wisely choose to stay out of childish feuds that have nothing to do with you.

You too Bobby.

Unless of course this is the only way you guys are able to impress yourselves.

maudes harold said...

Sadly, Max, you barely inspire mediocrity.

Max Frost said...

Is that why you are so compelled to talk to me?

Are you addicted to scratching your mediocrity itch?

Or do you just have way too much time on your hands?

Patty is Dead said...

excuse me, gentlemen, Patty knows its Saturday and all, but can y'all refrain from dogpiling Max please? Youre giving Patty a stomach ache. xx

maudes harold said...

I'm pontificating.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all.

maudes harold said...

Besides, the mediocrity itch is the only one I can reach anymore.

Patty is Dead said...

good enough

Max Frost said...

Thanks Patty.

I have no idea who these people are but apparently I'm some kind of super star to them.

Max Frost said...

Bobby you obviously haven't tuned in regularly or you'd know that St. and I shook hands a long time ago.

St.'s a good guy. He's alright with me and I'm alright with him.

If here were here I'd buy him a Guinness on tap and chat the night away.

Matt said...

La-de-la I'm saddened when I see anyone reduced to name calling, especially when it's a cliche I heard on the playground in 1973. Surely we're all better than that.

brownrice said...

Personally, I sent both of my kids to a public school. They learnt to read, write & count and developed a good healthy disrespect for authority at the same time… all of which are pretty important prerequisites for survival in the modern world (IMO).

Being a hippy & all, I saw lots of my peers go to all kinds of lengths to keep their kids out of the "system" but as often as not that just led to a complete embracing of said "system" as soon as the kid(s) came of age. Whatever it was you denied 'em, they'd just go looking for and get lost in. I figured it was better to send 'em to school and let 'em see firsthand how truly boring and regimented the "straight" world could get… give 'em something to rebel against other than me, don't ya know? Conversely, if they liked what the mainstream had to offer they were able to engage with and pursue that without the disadvantage & gullibility that so often accompanies isolation.

Social interaction with other kids is also pretty damned important.

As for the ability to question the status quo, conventional wisdom & what the media & government tells us to think… well surely that's best learnt at home, isn't it?

Matt said...

To Deb & Patty (on the same page)
Both so close (only 1 number off)

Already taken a bite of the apple? - how does it taste? Who decides whether you finish eating the fruit? Re-read my post again-carefully!

"Connections" Ah-yes, but IF I was a prospective employer and your only competion for the job was a Harvard grad (put through school by his rich parents) who do you think I would hire? IF I had 50 applications to fill one job opening and ALL had the exact same qualifications, what would "guide" me to the "one" I would chose?

The most significant "connection" in my younger life was NOT a college grad, but a skilled factory worker. It led me to Area 51 (without ANY college) and a job making more money than my father ever dreamed of-before I was old enough to buy a beer.
My grandfather's greatest "connection" to the "upper crust" world (highest order of Masons) was the encylopedia Britanica.

It's not that a "public" education is bad, it's just obsolete and was originally designed to "prep" young boys to go to WAR. Now, we have young girls getting the same education and they are NOW machine-gunners atop humvees in a wasteland-getting blown to bits-just like the boys.

AND our infamous Miss Crabtree (the history TEACHER) never had a clue what her "teaching" was really about. Of course, WE can all blame the Miss "Squeaky" Fromme for women finally being accepted into a man's world of guns!

Robert Hendrickson

maudes harold said...

That's rich coming from you Matt.

Suze said...

La-de-la, don't you have cartoons to watch, or toys to clean up? There's another blog that caters to childish minds and drunken inbreds. I think you'd be happier there.

Matt said...


I stand corrected: "Social Interaction with other kids.." Boys learning to interact with young developing girls - was that heaven or what? If a "teacher" was to never assign homework and pass out free condoms, HE would soon become "teacher of the year," in every school I ever attended.

Of course, IF you didn't have a hot chick under your right arm, well, it could be really lonely. That's where some brain-power could come in handy. Otherwise, no smarts, no college and you were soon a victim of affirmative-action in the blood-stained rice paddies of Vietnam.

I wonder how many would rather have had Charles Manson as president of the U.S.- instead of Lyndon Johnson. IF you answer honestly, we'll all know IF and how you served your country durning the Vietnam WAR.

Robert Hendrickson

leary7 said...

I retired from full time teaching in 2006 and still teach part time.
The problem I have with you is that you make blanket proclamations such as "the quality of public education has severely declined over the past handful of decades" or my favorite "the only ones with any control in prisons are the guards" without any supporting data. And you say it as if you are expressing a biblical truth.
Or you take a Charlie Manson nursery rhyme and treat it as some sort of great social science discovery.
I just have a real problem with people who talk nonsense and demean others while elevating themselves to the mantel of "out of the box thinkers".
Let's bring it home. Is Manson an "out of the box" brilliant thinker as you and a few others seem to believe, or is he just a talented snake charmer who contradicts himself twelve times before breakfast, as I believe him to be.

Sorry for your stomach Patty, but if someone is going to demean our educational system and the thousands of underpaid yet extremely giving and dedicated teachers (as are some of my best friends) then I am going to have something to say.
What can I say, that guy just gets my goat every time. I really should just stay over at the other pasture but I just like to many people here.

Max Frost said...

That's better Leary.

You managed to make it through your entire post without calling me names.

Now it feels more like a conversation.

Bobby, sorry about the misunderstanding.

La-de-la, surely there are other, more worthy, itches within reach.

Zeke002 said...

The problems is I have no desire whatsoever for conversation with you. I respond to your posts every now and then because I find them to be outrageously delusional and demeaning to worthy folk who you, blessed with THE TRUTH as you are, have deemed programed and robotic.
Just be satisfied to know how angry I am with myself for even getting into a pissing contest with someone I find so intellectually vapid.

leary7 said...

damn, I forgot to switch email accounts. ah, what the hell.

Matt said...

Ok, I just laughed better than I have in days...

Max Frost said...

Damn, back to name calling and insults.

That's a pretty high horse YOU are riding on, Leary, to make such grand proclamations. Sounds more like YOU think you are the all-knowing with the moral and intellectual authority to make such blanket statements about me and what I say.

Your box is among the most rigid, riddled with spike strips and anti-dissident missiles set to explode on impact with no questions asked.

You are also MOST proficient at putting words in other people's mouths, adding sentences (paragraphs even) to other people's comments. You don't bother to ask someone to explain themself, you just go off on YOUR holier-than-though tirade filled with insults, false accusations, and constant "inside the box" categorizing of anyone who says something beyond your comprehension.

In short, you are a black & white thinker in a world FULL of color.

Max Frost said...

But I have to admit, Leary, it warms my heart to know that you are still my biggest fan.

leary7 said...

In the future I promise not to read or comment on you posts, the majority of which I find ludicrous and demeaning. And I respectfully ask you do the same and cease trying to goad me into more non-sensical dialogue. We should agree on this if only out of respect for Patty's intestines.

Max Frost said...

The goading award goes to you, Leary. Not me.

It would be much easier if you would at least pretend to be civil and engage in discussion rather than all your negative projection.

Or do you thrive on constantly fighting with and insulting people?

maudes harold said...

And the fans have voted Max Frost "Douche of the Year."

Max Frost said...

Another one of my obsessed fans has returned and wanted to share their poetry with all of us - See the above comment.

You're just full of creativity today La-de-la!

Keep working it. Maybe when you grow up you can score a job writing fortune cookies.

Suze said...

La-de-la, if not for things like "of the year" we could add monosyllabic to the list of adjectives that describe you.

DebS said...

So, today or maybe tomorrow is Charlie's 79th birthday. Official records say he was born on Nov. 12, 1934 but Charlie claims that the powers that be, whoever they are, changed his birthday from Nov. 11th, the day Charlie claims to be born, because "they" did not want Charlie to be born on Veterans Day. Maybe the guy just wants a two day party!?!?! Or maybe it's a conspiracy!?!?!

Max Frost said...

Deb, please don't use the word "conspiracy." It'll likely cause another explosive tirade from my #1 fan.

Besides, it's a grossly misused, misunderstood, and redefined (for labeling purposes) word.

Fact is, most people who use the word don't even know what it actually means.

DebS said...

Max don't be a twat-waffle!

Max Frost said...

All in fun Deb, all in fun.

At least "twat waffle" is a head turner - unlike "douche."

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Unknown said...

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