Monday, January 27, 2014

Laraine Newman and Jane Curtain as Red and Blue

From the SNL archives:

Aired on 10.25.1975 (Segment 7 of 20) "Dangerous But Inept"
Laraine Newman as Squeaky Fromme

Aired on 07.24.1976 (Segment 5 of 15) Commercial "Human Hair Potholders"
Jane Curtin as Sandra Good
Laraine Newman as Squeaky Fromme

Youtube doesn't allow SNL skits, do they? So, Patty is not really sure how to find the footage. Got link?


Patty is Dead said...

Laraine's faces make Patty laugh. She almost wants to get a full sized one without the watermark. If she puts it up in the house though, she's gonna get even more shit from her friends than usual...tee hee

Asphalt said...

Patty, the full episodes are up on Hulu, but you need Hulu Plus to watch them. I think the first skit is from a Rob Reiner hosting.

beauders said...

These episodes are available at Amazon for $1.99 a piece.