Monday, August 24, 2015

The Agony and the Ecstasy - A Rare Interview with Christopher Jones

I'm currently in the middle of purging and sifting through very old artifacts related to TLB and other subjects. I found this MOVIELINE magazine from August, 1996 with the only interview Chris had done since he quit acting soon after Sharon's death. This interview is what made me seek him out and I got to know him very well not long after.

There's a reason Pamela Des Barres (Google her if you don't know who she is) was able to talk him into doing the interview. Can you guess what it is?

As you will see, the big red font in the middle of four pages actually reads from left to right as though you have the magazine spread open in front of you, seeing two pages at once.

Anyway, sorry for the sloppy scans but I'm not prepared to remove the pages from the magazine for the sake of perfection - the content is what matters.



beauders said...

Pamela was known for blowjobs so I would assume she gave him one to get the interview.

ColScott said...

Nobody Owns Christopher Jones

PS the D. LaCalandra account is Debbie Tate

Anonymous said...

It's aliiiiiiive!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan, so I am know full well who Pam is/was and her main 'talent'.

Col Scott - always nice to see you around here - is that true about DLaC? - explain more if you are able to do so on here.

Derek Callella said...

He lived in the guesthouse at Cielo for a minute no?

AustinAnn74 said...

Dearest Col., are you sure about that PS?

Robert Hendrickson said...

Like, why do so many folks hide behind fictious NAME "handles" and then pretend to WANT the TRUTH ! Didn't LBJ and HIS band of merry Mass Murderers give US enough LIES to last a GAZILLION years.

Wait a minute - HE gave US the Vietnam WAR, which gave US the Manson Family, which got ME an Academy Award Nomination and HE did create jobs for young Black men in the Rice Paddies of Vietnam.

AND he gave us ALL his REAL name.

Vera Dreiser said...

Just to make sure everyone here sees it, I've copied and pasted pretty Vera's post here from the previous thread. Any changes will be in brackets.

The Cols says in [this] thread, D. LaCalandra is Debra Tate. Well, if that's the case, I want Debra's money to buy D. La's services as my ghost writer, too! I don't agree with everything he says, but he's pretty damn good.
And we really can see clearly here why Col. Scott/Don Murphy's movies suck so bad, he has absolutely NO IMAGINATION. His automatic go-to defense of Statman [in the previous thread] is that anyone critical of her fiction is Debra or me (yeah, because I'm Robin Olsen).
And one last thing, Matt, your argument defending the ridiculous Col. Tate story about following the bikers to Spahn's is about as smart as the Col's lame attacks on me, Debra and anyone else who sees what a utter friggin' buffon he is. Do you honestly think if that story actually happened Col. Tate would've kept it out of an earlier version of his book or we wouldn't have heard it from someone in the Tate family before?! Good God, the Col is right at least on one count: the level of the posters here --- starting w/ him and the moderator -- is embarrassingly low.
Now, unleash all your pathetic sycophants to attack old Vera. I'll be out watering my petunias (and, yeah, that's a euphemism for my pussy).

[Oh, and here's one more change: Yeah, Matt, you really have to get your head out of George Stimson's ass. Like all of your "friends," your objectivity when it comes to supporting their ridiculous agendas -- George: rewrite history to exonerate Charlie and Sandy; Statman: sell books made up with lies and fantasies -- is pretty goddamed obvious. Charlie didn't know about the wallet until Linda tried to use one of Rosemary's cards at the gas station? That made Vera laugh so hard she decided she had to revisit this, yes, her favorite comedy website! Apologies to Patty for stealing her 3rd person usage. Theft is flattery, dear girl].

Patty is Dead said...

Awwww shucks

Matt said...

Is it time to plug the petunia?

maudes harold said...


Thanks for sharing this. Is this an offer of circumstantial 'proof' Rudy was running rent-boy rings??

Anonymous said...

I love it when Vera turns up!

Suze said...

But equinox that means there is a bourbon shortage somewhere.

Suze said...

And MATT that's gross!

Ajerseydevil said...

It's a MANSON blog I guess we should expect some crazies to come crawling out from under there rock
Enjoyed reading this didn't know who Christopher Jones was Pamela of course read her book I'm with the Band years ago

Anonymous said...

"Vera's Pussy" was actually the name of my band.

We didn't get very far, probably because we stank.

CarolMR said...

The only thing I know about Christopher Jones is that he was very handsome back in the day and he was married to actress Susan Strasberg. They had a daughter named Jennifer and I don't think he had much of a relationship with his daughter. Not sure if I believe the stories about him and Sharon.

Max Frost said...

The stories about he and Sharon are totally true.

Derek, he lived in both the guesthouse and main house for more than a minute - he was Rudi's client.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Sharon's comments about the devil...

Anonymous said...

Max, care to share how you approached CJ and how that initial meeting went?
(from this interview he doesn't seem like someone you could just walk up to and converse with.)
Was he this ornery all the time or was he putting on a show in this interview?

(There's a reason Pamela Des Barres (Google her if you don't know who she is) was able to talk him into doing the interview. Can you guess what it is?)

Sex would be the obvious answer but that would be too easy.
Maybe she owned a minty copy of the Wild In The Streets soundtrack from her days of record shopping with Keith Moon?

Matt said...

Thanks Ziggy, I've been laughing 10 minutes straight...

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to an interview in the UK Daily Mail when Christopher spoke of his affair with the six week pregnant Sharon in Rome:-

CarolMR said...

What did Sharon say about the devil? No matter what I do, the print is too small for me to read!

Max Frost said...

Carol, there are several ways to either expand the pics or zoom in. Depending on what you are using (computer or tablet, phone, etc.) you might wanna Google the question.

CWC, sometimes the right answers come easy...

Also, I had some mutual friends with Chris (including Shelley Winters) so it wasn't hard to connect with him. I actually had it in mind to talk to him for a number of years prior, but never got around to it (until seeing that interview).

You're right, he isn't someone you could just walk up to and converse with. Even people that knew him from before or worked with him had a hard time keeping him around long enough to have a real conversation if they happened to run into him. The first time I met him (with a mutual friend) we ended up hanging out for hours but it took him quite a while to warm up - he was very reserved and wouldn't say much at all.

He wasn't ornery in that interview. He just says what he wants to say and doesn't hold back. Since that was the only interview he had ever done since quitting acting, he was firing back at the years of vicious rumors and stories that were made up about him.

If you can ever track down the E! True Hollywood Story on him...they use the audio from Pamela's interview to represent him. You can hear a lighter tone and even laughing at times. Either Pamela or the magazine editor decided to print his words both out of context at times and/or omitting sentences before and after what is said in the article. Stupid.

Mr. Humphrat said...

I'd never heard of Christopher Jones either, but it's a very interesting article.
Thanks Max.

Anonymous said...

Max, are you saying Miss Pamela was easy?
CarolMR, what I did was right click and save the pages to my desktop and then open them from there and they were zoomable and easy to read.

Here are a couple CJ clips:

Psssst...Christopher Jones WAS Max Frost

Max Frost said...

Pamela who?

CWC you forget to mention that's the great RICHARD PRYOR on drums (his first movie)

CarolMR said...

Thanks for the help, Chatsworth Charlie.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Great POST Max: Was Rudy the manager who screwed him, Chris was referring to?

Boys who LOSE their mothers - there's a dangerous story there !

Max Frost said...

Yeah Robert, Rudi was one of 'em.

Fiddy 8 said...

Whoa! If not for Altobelli, then Christopher Jones plays Micheal Corlone?

MHN said...

Really interesting interview, Max. I'm inclined to believe the story about Sharon Tate. young Chris has a touch of Jay Sebring about him, and older Chris has more than a little Polanski, so how could Sharon resist?

His Rome story settles it for me. You're all arguing over Helter Skelter, drug burns, music biz etc; but it wasn't any of those things, it wasn't even Tex the Empty Shell, it wasn't Manson, it wasn't Helter Skelter; it was the devil. Sharon and Roman drew the devil to them. Sure he has an alibi for that night - he doesn't exist - but, like God, he doesn't need to; he still did it.

"God is the only being who need not even exist in order to reign. Whatever is created by the spirit is more alive than matter." Charles Baudelaire

CrisPOA said...

MHN what a great post. It's almost poetic.
The Devil working behind all that happened, behind every little action that resulted in mayhem. It's Rosemary's Baby, Dr. Saperstein (the poor dog!), the Dakota building, the Beatles, Eye of the Devil, Tex's announcement at Cielo ... you get it. He's everywhere.
Why not? ;)

Thanks Max, for the article. Very interesting.
You know my first research about Jones was a little time ago, because of his affair with Pamela Courson (Morrison). Do you know anything about that?

Robert Hendrickson said...

AFTER I read the first article page, something drove me to google "Jones" and HIS piece of the puzzle began to emerge. Sure enough, HE is / was another Charlie Manson. There is a "lost" mother characteristic that differentiates a "Boy" / man from all others.

When that spiritual ambilical cord is severed, HE is FREE to be completely independant and NO longer governed by WOMAN kind. And it isn't so much that women "love" the BAD boy image, BUT that it represents a challenge - to TAME the wild beast.

Because the BAD boy has NO chains restricting his every movement, HE can be the most exciting person you will ever be around.

I knew when Sharon Tate locked eyes with Charlie that fateful March day in 1969, the die was cast. Of course, Bugliosi had to make-up some kind of a story for THAT day that a mailman would understand.

AND that is the reason Bugliosi could NOT allow Paul Crocket to take the stand.

I have HIM on tape explaining the whole Mother / Son relationship.

Mommy's BOY is always governed by HER "filter." Just for fun, examine the Republican Presidential candidates - and see IF you can figure out which ones are Mommey "filtered" and which NOT so much.

CrisPOA said...

Also, i thought kind of funny the way this "tough" guy tried to change the subject when she asked him about being homeless and barefoot on the Strip.
He tried so hard to be tough through the interview it's annoying.
It seems he was crazy as the sixties. I like to read such stories.

MHN said...

Robert, interesting stuff. Are you implying that, contrary to expectations in this 'smash the patriarchy' era, it is actually society and woman (or mother at any rate) who share the same agenda - to tame the individual?

Max Frost said...

ChrisPOA, he wasn't "trying to be tough." Like I said earlier, the printed interview is not representative of the actual interview. Things are taken out of context, sentences omitted, and actually some of the words are paraphrased. If you see the E! True Hollywood story and listen to the excerpts from the interview you will know what I'm talking about.

Chris didn't TRY to be anything. He was himself and he was honest. He always said what he thought and didn't give a rat's tail if it offended people or pissed them off. And he actually was a tough guy in reality - a street brawler from the time he was a boy.

And yeah I know about Pamela Curson - he first met her in the parking garage at the Chateau.

Anonymous said...

@Max Frost

Thanks Max for putting this material about Christopher on the site. What came across to me from the 'interview' was that he seemed too honest, decent and straightforward for Hollywood.

Sad to hear that he is no longer with us. I wonder if he knew more of what went on that night at Cielo through the Altobelli connection.

I am seriously impressed to read that you knew Shelley Winters. I must see if I can source an old copy of her autobiography - she was one of the great characters with a hell of a story to tell!

candy and nuts said...

ive not read yet as im on a phone max frost ive never chatted or known you but you seem to be on the level ive been a shelley winters fan after i saw her play roseanne in a patch of. blue,,,,pam courson. morrison good or bad jim wanted her in his life

Anonymous said...

@candy and nuts

It is through your avatar that I have rediscovered Ms Janis Joplin - I have been watching/listening to her for hours on YouTube. She is irreplaceable and a class above the female artists around nowadays. Great memories.

candy and nuts said...

equinox cool btw i think the early family lived near janis susan mentioned they did while in haight ash or frisco yes jj is beyond words

Robert Hendrickson said...

I would just like to thank EVERYONE for contributing to the last few posts with such thoughtful interest. When I was making MANSON, the movie, I did NOT have the time to get so emotionally involved as I can now. AND now it seems like there is so much to get involved with that NO one person can handle ALL the complexities of such an intricate case. AND even the seemingly trivial remarks can trigger my memory to the extent a whole new avenue of investigation seduces me. Hell, I'm sure Clem, Gypsy, Kevin and I likely stopped at the Sylmar gas station on our way to Death Valley.

Obviously, it meant nothing at the time, BUT now - Holy Shit Batman - the whole San Fernando Valley may deserve a "tour" bus, just dedicated to the Manson Family exploits.

AND now we are learning Sharon Tate was bed-bouncing while married to Polanski - wonder If the cops knew that ?

My hat goes of to especially Matt and others who are making this blog so COOl

Max Frost said...

Right, Robert...the whole thing definitely opens a few new doors of perception. I'm pretty sure Chris was Sharon's only affair. After all, she knew what Roman was up to behind her back and who could blame her for finally giving in to her own impulses?

I've always found her 'devil' comments extremely fascinating as those too open up another perspective depending on how you look at it. No doubt Sharon wouldn't have been into ANY of that stuff if it weren't for Roman. We can take it a step further and speculate that she would probably be alive today if it weren't for Roman. I've always seen her comments to Chris as also being dispensed for shock if to blow his mind, have one up on him, and make him all the more curious hence all the more interested in her.

Equinox, no, Chris didn't know anything more about what went on at Cielo. He only knew the official version and accepted that as truth. I used to get into countless arguments with him on the subject.

candy and nuts said...

rh ummm sharon bed bounced wow when you bounced off many backs for a buck

candy and nuts said...

rh ummm sharon bed bounced wow when you bounced off many backs for a buck

Anonymous said...

@Max Frost

Thanks for that Max. On the subject of Sharon's affair with Chris - frankly, I can't blame her. Polanski was playing around behind the back of his pregnant wife, a woman who was (rightly) rated as one of the most beautiful in the world. Chris was a great looking guy. I wonder if, some time after the birth, Sharon would have finally seen sense and ditched Polanski. She had admirers waiting at the side stage, like Sebring and Chris, who cared for her deeply and would have given her more respect.

MHN said...

equinox - having read the interview I'm not at all sure Sharon Tate would've been cared for or respected by Chris more than by Roman. Quite possibly the opposite, in fact.

But at least Chris Jones never drugged and anally raped a child...

Max Frost said...

What if he were wearing a suit and tie, and spoke like a politically correct robot looking for acceptance?

Would you believe he was more capable than Roman of respecting and caring for Sharon?

MHN said...

Oh Max.... so touchy. No need. I'm not criticizing the guy at all - merely taking him at his own word - doesn't trust women, once hit a woman but wouldn't do so now, and just walks away from women he beds on a regular basis. Plus a serious and admirable loathing of the movie industry. Wouldn't have been a marriage made in heaven would it?

Am I allowed to say that? Is that ok? To read the interview you posted and take the guy at his word? And can I do so without you implying I MUST be some dumb automaton who thinks what Sharon needed in her life was someone in a suit and tie because people in suits and ties are always so friggin lovely? Jesus Christ...

Anonymous said...


At that particular point in time, Polanski had not committed the offences to which you refer. I was specifically referring to Sharon's situation at that date. I do not think that any of the men with whom she consorted were especially honourable, but I do think that when a woman is pregnant with your child, you try your best to keep it in your trousers (but then again, that is the old lapsed Catholic coming out in me).

I do believe that in the newly founded permissive society of the 1960s, that the "young people" thought that they could do whatever they wished and no one would be hurt (in the emotional sense).

Robert Hendrickson said...

Hey Guys ! I didn't mean to ignite some kind of Sharon Tate love fest controversay. BUT her affair with Chris "could" have had a bearing on HER murder. IE: Did the cops KNOW whether Polanski KNEW, cause there could have been a jealous husband "rage" involved here.

AND if we are NOT concerned with OTHER possible "motives", just what the fuck is going on HERE. Obviously, there are those who see this blog as a golden opportunity to "troll" away their idle hours until the welfare check arrives, BUT then there are those, even from accross the pond, that really offer a fresh perspective to this "mystery" of the 20th century.

So IF this is NOT a "mystery" to YOU ( YOU know HS is the TRUE answer)
how about just reading the post and comments and let US smell ALL the roses.

I know Matt doesn't need the shit, and I sure don't. Plus, I'm just trying to make a buck, so I can stay off welfare and that way YOU get it $$$ all. So IF you don't have anything WORTH saying, don't say it. We KNOW you don't have anything worth saying - that's ALL we hear YOU saying - over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Robert Hendrickson said:-

"...Plus, I'm just trying to make a buck, so I can stay off welfare"

Hi Mr H

Come to Britain. We'd sincerely love to have you and we'd happily let you live off our very generous welfare benefits (free healthcare etc). In fact, if you applied to our UK National Lottery system, they would fund you to make documentaries.

Lotsa love Robert.

MHN said...

This is the bit where we sit around glancing nervously at each other, pointing at our chest and silently mouthing "me?" at our friends across the room.

Anonymous said...


come on Michael, you know you've got plenty to say!!! Best wishes mate.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Max Frost said...

MHN, I wasn't being touchy. I was just having a conversation and asking you a question. Can I do that? Is that ok?

You are comparing Chris to Roman based some snippets of an interview 26 years later in a silly Hollywood magazine designed to render such an effect.

As far as a marriage made in's obvious now that Sharon and Roman's was a marriage made in, yeah, she would've been a lot better off with Chris and he would've been a lot better off with her.

From everything he told me, the two of them were living out a dream-like fantasy when they were together - so one can speculate that things would've been different between those two than with his other relationships/affairs.

MHN said...

No problem Max - as I said at the outset, fascinating interview with an interesting character, thanks for sharing it :)

Robert Hendrickson said...

Guys, I really appreciate the attention, BUT I have to know whether Polanski KNEW whether Sharon was having an affair with C. Jones.

The first question ANY homicide detective asks a surviving spouse is: were there ANY extramarital affairs ? AND for good reason.

I was always pretty sure the "marriage" was over when Sharon left Europe to return to the States WITHOUT Polanski and my mentor and Sharon's personal counselor told ME there was "black magic" involved on the part of the Manson Family. NOT the hokey pokey theatrical stuff we are tantilized with, BUT the real deal!

So the real question is: Just how much information has been withheld from the public. Just look at the TEX Watson audio tape issue. WHY won't the LAPD release that info ?

Anonymous said...

Robert Hendrickson said...
"..Guys, I really appreciate the attention, BUT I have to know whether Polanski KNEW whether Sharon was having an affair with C. Jones."

Mr H,

Really good post, raising some very pertinent questions. Would people in the Polanski circle like Frykowski and Folger perhaps be passing back information re Sharon and Chris? Perhaps, if he knew they were carrying on together, RP might have thought that, well, it was OK for him to get together with Michelle Phillips. I think when a couple who are expecting their first child are both consorting with others, that it would be time to call it a day!

Who was your mentor and Sharon's personal counsellor? Are you able to reveal that on a public blog?

I believe that a whole bucketful of information was withheld from the American people. If the LAPD ever got round to releasing those tapes, you can bet your bottom Dollar that the tapes will be seriously edited.

ColScott said...

Christopher Jones was a shit father, a shit husband, an addict and deeply disturbed. I do not believe for a second that he had an affair with Sharon Tate while she was married to Polanski

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jacques Honduras

Anonymous said...

If you took their marriage out of the context it's been set in, what do you see? You see a little guy with a trophy wife and a trophy wife marrying herself into the movies. In Hollywood where couch test casting goes on, it's easier to just marry a big time director.

...and the Satanism/Black Magic thing is bunk. Sharon did a horror film called Eye of the Devil and was in a vampire flick that was actually a comedy. The only interesting parrell I can find in regards to her comment on the Devil is a quote from ol' Charlie:

"I never met a Devil that wanted to be seen"

ColScott said...

Debbie you are being too hard on your sister.

Max Frost said...

Hold the fuckin' phone there, Col...

You never even met the guy and you feel confident enough to not only make those claims against him but also declare you don't believe they had the affair?

Based on what? Your own gut feeling?

As far as being a shit father...Jennifer is the only one who can claim that. And how much of that was due to Susan driving a wedge of distance between the two? I witnessed him literally doing NOTHING but being a GREAT father to his four youngest kids for the last 10-15 years of his life. That's what he devoted the rest of his life to - them. They were distraught at his funeral. Try telling them that he was a shit father.

He wasn't an addict when I met him. If he could be classified as an addict it would only apply to a certain period or phase in his life. And so what? Does that magically render him any less credible? That's really a cheap shot calling someone an addict. Lots of very accomplished people and geniuses have been addicts. So what does that really say? It's like calling someone a manic depressive. It's a symptom of a much deeper pain inside. Does that pain make people worthless and easier to dismiss by default? That pain is what great art is born out of. Incidentally he was an incredible artist.

A shit husband? Well yeah probably. He seems to admit that much. There's also two way streets in that realm. There are also shit wives out there. Again, what does that have to do with credibility?

Deeply disturbed? Are you serious? Aren't we all deeply disturbed? Living in this upside down world full of lies and illusions how can anyone who's honest with themselves NOT be deeply disturbed on one level or another or many? Does that also qualify as a credibility issue?

Does it really make sense to you to judge someone across the board, forever, for being real and human and making a lot of mistakes during the younger period of their life?

As far as the affair, they absolutely DID have the affair. You react to it as though he was someone looking for a forum or spotlight. He wasn't. He didn't do any interviews until that one almost 30 fucking years after the fact, and even then Pamela had to practically force it out of him. I spent more than enough time with him to know he was being truthful. He wasn't the kind of guy to make things up. He didn't seek approval from anyone and didn't give a fuck what anyone thought of him. There aren't too many people like that left out there and those who do seek acceptance and approval can't comprehend the mindset of someone who doesn't.

Oh, and don't forget Rudi witnessed the affair and had no problem substantiating it for me - as did Shelley. It was a non-event, non-issue. It was just KNOWN.

Interestingly enough, there was a book on Roman published in 1979 in which there is a reference to the affair based on an unnamed friend of Sharon divulging a bit of vague info on it. So Chris coming forward almost 30 years later wasn't the first time it was mentioned. Never mind if it was written by a hack author or if the blog posting it is affiliated with Debra. Just put 2+2 together...

Read the excerpt here:

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Hendrickson said...

De La Calandra: YOU are exposing yourself as a TROLL. I did NOT implicate Sharon Tate in "Black Magic" BUT the Manson Family. BIG difference to even those WHO believe in Helter Skelter. I did NOT mention "the DEVIL" either - but YOU make assumptions, WITHOUT consulting a dictionary (a book that reveals word meanings) as to what "black magic" is actually considered to be among the literate populus.

In case YOU do NOT know how to read a dictionary: Magic is the use of "supernatural powers" and "black magic is the use of those powers for EVIL purposes. THUS, the use of supernatural powers to "cause" death is considered "black magic." OUR beloved judicial messiah Vince Bugliosi even included the "power" of an American President (G. Bush)to cause death WITHOUT firing a gun hinself - MURDER. AND thus, such an act can be considered involving "black magic."

BUT of course, maybe YOU actually KNOW something I/WE don't. I'm NOT trying to ignite an arguement here, but SHOW how arguements are born throughout the web via the TROLLing nation.

Anonymous said...

You didn't, but my comment was an "in general" statement. This false belief that Sharon Tate was primarily in dark movies in which she was always a victim is constantly being perpetuated when in reality she was in one serious horror film.

I'm too tired to go into the connection or lack thereof of Black Magic in regards to the Family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Max. I was reading this and wondered what you thought of it. It's written by someone named Bill Dakota. He claims to have had a relationship with Chris. Is he credible?

ColScott said...

Sorry Max there is a reference to AN affair but NO mention to THE affair in that book. None. Some idle speculation but no Christopher Jones

Max Frost said...

Geezus H Christ on a popsicle stick...

Did you READ it?

It's not just a reference to AN affair. It's a reference to an affair under the following circumstances:

1 - Sharon was in Rome

2 - Roman was in London

3 - Sharon was pregnant

All three of those specifics were mentioned by Chris.

If you don't believe it than you are believing that Chris, Rudi, the unnamed friend of Sharon, and others conspiratorially concocted this fictitious story of the affair.

For what or who's benefit only you - or anyone else who doesn't wanna believe it - would know.

Max Frost said...

Ziggy, that article (or chapter) seems like an almost well disguised hit piece. Bill Dakota sounds like a pen name although it does sound familiar.

He obviously knew him as he describes him quite well. And I remember the cork board above his bed at the nursing home with Susan's picture on it - so obviously he had visited him there.

He talks about Chris being with Carrie and their son. The son is Chris Jr. And I know that relationship was extremely volitale. I'm pretty sure he told me at one point she knocked one of his teeth out with a punch.

Who knows, maybe she drove him into a temporary phase of homosexuality (joking). He probably just hung out with him a lot and fantasized the rest.

I'm guessing this all happened during the late '70s/early '80s.

I'd love to see the Hollywood Star full page this Dakota wrote about the experience.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Max. I appreciate your response.

I think you're right about him fantasizing. I did a little more research and saw that he also put out a rather dubious list of 150 bi-sexual actors. He seems to think that everyone is gay or bi.

On another note, it turns out that he's also the guy that Charles Manson wrote the letter to in which he outed a few famous Hollywood celebs. Perhaps Charlie was just reflecting him back at himself? :

jasondixonvgr said...
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jasondixonvgr said...

From the looks of it Christopher Jones lives in a delusional world! He never had any proof that this affair actually happened or any proof that he was the biological father of Susan Cabot son! As far as I'm concerned, he might have gotten his ideas about this suppose affair from Thomas Kiernan book on Roman Polanski, which I think Kiernan is also full of crap! Here's something I find weird, Susan Cabot never said who her his son's father was, Thomas mention some friend withe no name told him about this affair and no name of this person whom she had an affair with! I believe Jones knows what came from them, and he know both Susan or Sharon cant be here to dispute these claims, so decided he fill in the claims to make a name for himself for attention and money! He was known for of being a liar and an manipulator, Susan Strasberg said it herself! The way describe about affair with Sharon, if you compare both 1996 and 2007 articles, he make conflicting statements in both of them, and how he mentioned about her is totally against her character! He also claimed woman took advantage of him? Olivia Hussey said on her Twitter page that he was a strange case! Face it Jones was manipulative son of the bitch. And he looks kinda looks like shit. And i do thank this Max Frost guy for posting this article! But i would also have to he making these story up about how he met Chris, Rudi and Shelly. Where's the proof? Oh yeah! he posted this article in 2015, and all three of them are no longer with us. I would have to say, this Max Frost guy is like Jones, a liar, also a possibly a Manson fan in disguise just to make Sharon and the other victims look bad! He doesn't seem to be a blogger profile anymore! So i smell bullshit coming from his direction, i'm sure hes making his stories up, and i'm not be fooled! Now Shelly Winters did had many affairs and Jones knows that, but the neither lists of Winters affairs have Jones on them! The youngest to be rumored is Robert DeNiro! And in one article Winters also denies Jones being a stud service Winters! Speaking of denial. From what i also heard according to co-stars, Jones was a fucking asshole on the set of all last films he did in Europe, and Pia Dagermark on her the IMDB for Brief Season which was filmed in Rome said that he got sick, and the film had to stop production. So i totally don't believe he had an affair with Sharon, hes too out of her league, and im sure it was a busy time for her when filming 12+1 (which he says she filming Eye of the Devil) and i don't think waste time with a loser like Jones, especially while three months pregnant (which he said six weeks). And during the production of Ryan's Daughter, he was being a shit head again, and Sarah Miles knows what kind of a douchebag he is, they both met again in 1994, and he stated he think he was in love with Sharon, she doesn't even seem to believe either according to her autobiography. Jones claimed he victim during his career, and i don't believe his breakfast was drugged before the car wreck! I don't even think the film business, i think the film business didn't want anything else to do with him because he caused a lot of set backs during the productions, and they all started to see through him that he was risk! So roughly 25 years later he comes up with stories on why he left the business! Alright, i arrest my case, Christopher Jones was more likely a liar and asshole! But still RIP!

WhiskeyRiver said...

I used to live with Chris,at the Chateau Marmont,along with my then friend Carrey Abernathy. I introduced her to him,..the biggest mistake. She took him for every penny he had.
I found him on Hollywood Blvd,in a fight.I pulled him away,and dragged him down the alleyway. Then I noticed his trousers were tore near the crotch,so I had to go to my pals and get a pair for him. I told him to stay and not go anywhere.He waited.
Then we moved in together.
I had to bathe him,because he wasnt himself anymore. He'd been injured in a car wreck and his mind hadnt returned to it's normal self.Eventually,it did though.This is was in the late 70's,early 80's. I cant remember what year it was. He disappeared and went to ground in a tiny forested spot near the Freeway,close to the Hollywood Bowl.There was a camp trainer inside the trees and he had it set up with a BBQ,and some chairs.
Chris was really a sweet guy.Soft spoken and gentle.
I wish now that I had been forward enough to take him up on his offer of intimacy,but I chickened out. I'd seen him nude,and lets just say he was rather impressive.In my case,intimidating. Lol. Perhaps Carrey wouldnt have done him so badly if I had agreed.
People read that she was this loving girlfriend.No,she wasnt.
I miss him even now,and will always remember him as a nice guy,and one fine looking man.

Sapirstein said...

The devil quote is wrong. Christopher Jones is a liar. Sharon has been quoted for saying
"Everything that's realistic has some sort of ugliness in it. Even a flower is ugly when it wilts, a bird when it seeks its prey, the ocean when it becomes violent."