Saturday, December 30, 2017

Everything's Illegal

Long time Mansonblog reader (and my friend) brownrice and his band, The Pagan Love Cult have put out a new album called The Last Of The Long Lost Hippies. If you look carefully at the cover you can see Manson making a cameo. Really interesting stuff. Give it a listen and please support them if you can.

In his words:
"Well I finally got it together to finish the album complete with the Charlie track (though it's arguably Bruce Davis who apparently did a very good Charlie impression).  Anyways, I'm punting it out of bandcamp ('cause they let you stream the whole track for people to listen to) but it's also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDbaby and all the other usual suspects with CDs to follow in the New Year. 
"It's the 3rd track, Everything's Illegal."
Love, peace & Optimistic Cynicism™,


grimtraveller said...

Looks like Charlie featured on one of the August 16th Spahn raid shots.
I like the Pepperesque cover with a shade of the Incredible String Band thrown in for good measure.

grimtraveller said...

It's also a nice touch having Gandhi and Einstein there, holding in cllever symposium the notions of scientific intelligence and defiance, peace and hope channeled through logic and action.
They were maybe more influential than they ever could have foreseen or even cared for 19th century men {think Lennon specs and Crosby walrus 'tache !}.

AustinAnn74 said...

This reminds me of the Stg. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album my mom used to own. Hey, didn't Harpo come out on that cover too? Didn't all of Marx brothers, now that I remember correctly?

Cooltide said...

WOW....Grim ,someone apart from myself ,big fan, whose heard of Mike n Robin and THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND.... It's Half

brownrice said...

Thanks for the plug, Matt.
Grim: as always you're incredibly erudite. You should write us a review of the album.
Ann: nah, none of the Marx brothers were on the Sgt Pepper's cover... we took particular pains to not include anyone that was. The only Marx on Pepper was Karl :-)
Ed: make that a quarter remarkable. I've always liked the String Band as have many other Brit & Ozzie hippies.

grimtraveller said...

ed tom said...

WOW....Grim ,someone apart from myself ,big fan, whose heard of Mike n Robin and THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND....

While never a great fan of their stuff, they're one of these essential artifacts of the acid drenched elements of the 60s, like the Pretty Things and Blossom Toes, Jack Nicholson and Bootsy Collins {as opposed to George Clinton} that don't readily spring to mind but should.
Back in 2012 when I was still on, I remember having a brief conversation with one of the guys there about the ISB and how some of their crowd were reminiscent in pictures of the Family and we shared a thought about the Family. I remember him saying that he might've given up everything go with them if he'd been about at the time and I said something about Susan Atkins saying there was no need to be wary of Charlie in '67, that life in the Haight was more threatening than he was.

grimtraveller said...

holding in cllever symposium

That was clever !

By the way brownrice, cool songs. I'm an eternal sucker for violins. Some of the best stuff I have are from groups with violins, whether it be folksy, psychedelic, heavy metal, prog/progressive rock, jazz/fusion, pop or the Indian violin type instruments that have turned up in ragas over the last 50 years. Even U2 sounded unique when they used them in the early days !

Cooltide said...

Grim,Brown rice....May the long time sun shine upon you and the light within you guide you all the way home.
Happy New Year to all when it comes.

Maybe Charlie will be out of deep freeze in 2018.