Monday, September 24, 2018

The Not So Lost Manson Tapes (A Rant)

The Lost Manson Tapes

I went into viewing this “special” with way more knowledge than then casual viewer.  Regular students of the case who follow this blog know Robert Hendrickson very well from his frequent postings on the message section of the blog.  I was blessed to know him and his wife Tobyann for over a decade, after he screened his second Manson Doc, INSIDE, at a special standing room only screening here in Hollywood.   I tried to get Anchor Bay to release blu rays of both documentaries I held a special screening at INSIDE at William Morris which led to quite a lot of consternation.

I was also able to introduce Matt and Tobyann to one of the early blog Tours, hosting them at dinner at El Coyote, the night prior to a Cinefamily screening of Manson.  I also took Tobyann and Robert to dinner at El Coyote the night of the screening of the shittiest Manson 16 mm print ever at the New Beverly.  Robert spoke after and it was glorious.  Tobyann and Robert came to a party I hosted and spent most of their time speaking with George Hamilition.  “I’ve seen some shit” became the byword of the afternoon.

And then Robert was dead.

I met multiple times with his stepson, Alan, who called him Dad and tried to help him figure out what to do.  His brother was living in the family’s endlessly renovated house, Tobyann’s 99-year-old mother was moving in and Tobyann was definitely suffering from some dementia.  He wanted to capitalize on the footage that Hendrickson had.  This was a conflicting situation- Robert had never actually done that much with the footage and I never understood why.  When I got to his three file cabinets at one point, eighty percent of the files were lawsuits he filed against Amazon and Ebay for selling bootleg dvds the mob had made of Manson.  He never released a legit one which would have shut the bootleggers down.  He preferred to spend most of his time on Quixote legal battles that likely did not make him much profit.

People are odd.

Six weeks before he died I bounced an idea off of him that he loved.  My company has tried since 2000 to do the accurate version of the story.  Not the BUG approved one, the true story, what really happened.  The closest we came was August 2001 and then the terrorist attacks killed that deal.  We recently wanted to do a TV miniseries on the TLB story and could not find a “way in”.  The original script we had was through Mary and Paul’s eyes which made sense up to a point.  But what if we told the story through ROBERT’s eyes?  A young filmmaker, back from the Nam trying to do what sounds like a ludicrous fictional film ends up “embedded” with the Manson family.   That is a pretty cool point of view.

Robert was excited.  So, when he passed, I wanted to explore a way to tell that story in his memory.  With his death, I no longer needed life rights to do so, but I always envisioned (never clearly) a way to tell the story cutting together real footage of the real players.

This still might happen.  I hope so.  With movies coming out next year that all sound like they are continuing the official BUG bullshit approach, it would be nice to tell the real story at last.  Tarantino riffing on Christopher Jones’ life might be the end of the trail, with the truth so warped in the public’s eyes there is nowhere else to take it.

I helped Alan find the releases and pretty much all the paperwork he needed in Hendrickson’s files.  You can imagine the head rush as I found the signatures of Mary, Nancy and the rest, still there after almost fifty years.   Alan dug around for what footage he could find.  Robert had wanted to do a ten-hour miniseries if you recall so there must have been a lot.

I drifted away for a beat trying to figure out my show, and heard that Alan, who tours with Frankie Valli, had gone to his co-worker Dean and they had made a deal with a UK company Naked Tv to use the tapes for a TV special.  I thought that Robert would turn over in his grave, but felt good that maybe this would pay for Tobyann’s care.

In the meantime, while this played out over the next two years, Naked reached out to members of this blog looking to contact Manson Family members.  I am not sure, but I believe they told them to bugger off.   I mean even if Matt knows where Ousich is, it doesn’t mean he has to help some bs UK tv company find her.

Then the show was picked up by Fox, which made me think it might be good, not because it was Fox but because someone bought it.  THEN they decided to put in on Monday night, the lowest night of the week.  Well the final ratings were abysmal, just awful.

And so was the special.

I promised a review, not endless back story-


The Lost Manson Tapes is really a hodgepodge TV show that utilizes the following elements

-          Paid interviews with Catherine Share and Diane Lake and Mark Ross
-          Random Interviews with some people who agreed to talk to them, including shrink’s and Peter Coyote
-          Hendrickson’s footage
-          Other Footage

It is easy to review the entire show as “boring, derivative, garbage, seen it all before” hit because that is what it is.  By the first commercial break it was clear that they were going to try to tell the whole story again.   I mean Christ.  So, the best thing to do is to look at the elements I list above and see what they did with them individually.


Catherine Share, on top of everything else, was part of the Hawthorne Shootout, where the Family tried to rob some weapons to break Charlie out of Jail.  This included many hundreds of bullets being fired at police officers.  Catherine Share was shot in the shoulder.  She was sentenced to ten years to life.  Catherine Share is not some nice old grandma looking back on her life and saying “I am not really horrible.” She first surfaced on some bullshit show five years ago with BUG going back to Spahn.   This show PAID a woman who shot at police to say basically nothing I mean go back and listen to her and her alone- no insights.

Dianne Lake has a book to sell. Dianne knew about the murders and did nothing.  Yes, she was a child, Yes, she testified.  But she was not the star witness.  But my scorn for Snake is actually based on Bill Molesto Nelson’s work. You see, he was an idiot and a pedo but I think he quoted things correctly.  I think he was one of the people who never realized how quotes make him look bad.  And in his book, he describes tracking down Snake and her husband and being told, essentially, “You know, you almost got yourself in trouble we are in hiding and not talking to people.”  But Snake has a book to pimp.  She says a few things and then kinds of goes to the background.

Mark Ross   shows up with his nonsense alias Aesop Aquarian and now is some hero who claims Charlie wanted him to kill a judge.  Horseshit.  The last TV show I saw had Mark in a van being grilled as the guy who killed a girl who had nothing to do with Manson.  Can’t these specials get their shit right? 


Peter Coyote is lying or mistaken.  The Doctors all say what doctors say.  This entire section is horseshit


We are told that this footage was lost for forty years.  It was in boxes in a side room at Hendrickson’s house.
They use probably less than 20 minutes of the footage in the whole special.
We have seen almost all of the twenty minutes, except the clappers and Merrick’s offscreen voice.
They incorrectly play Manson vocal footage not from Hendrickson.
They play the clip of Manson from MANSON that I do not think Robert shot or smuggled any camera in.
They show Mary, and TJ and Nancy and Squeaky with ZERO CONTEXT.  Who is TJ?  Who did he kill?  Why are we watching him?
No context for Paul and Brooks for that matter.

We are excited to see footage that was LOST, except it wasn’t and anyone who saw Hendrickson’s two docs over the years saw it all before.


There are other things in here like the crime scene and funeral footage but we have seen it all before and it is shown very much out of context.

BUT the biggest bullshit in the special?   Trying to summarize the case WITHOUT footage of Linda (especially) and Sadie/Katie/Leslie and Tex.  Hendrickson never shot them, so this special marginalizes them.

The second biggest bullshit?   The special says that not only did Charlie purposely brainwash everyone over YEARS but he had a plan all along, to kill Tate et al.  Even assuming Charlie was purposely brainwashing people (he wasn’t) to say he had a plan in 1968 that he implemented in 1969 is truly stupid and deranged.

The final bullshit in the special- NOBODY hired a private eye to find Hendrickson’s family.

If this is where we are headed in 2019, with celebrity filled “People who lived down the street from Sharon” movies and “CIA Mind controlled” books I weep for the future of TLB research.


Jeff Harper said...
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brownrice said...

Great post, Col. Interesting & insightful back story and spot-on review.

RudyWebersHose said...
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RudyWebersHose said...
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Matt said...

RWH, you are at the precipice. Cool your shit or you will be permanently banned.

Peter said...

You and your children. And your children's children. For two weeks.

Jeff Harper said...

Thanks Colonel. From the ads I saw previewing this I figured it wouldn't reveal anything new. The only "lost" tapes I'd love to hear are the Tex tapes. Other than that Fox showed us footage that has been on YouTube for years

Joe Col said...

Great write up, Colonel. Really miss your blog. Hoping you get to make your film.

Matt said...

You've made personal attacks against friends of ours. It wasn't a little warning, it was a promise. This is our blog. We will delete anyone we want, for any reason we want, whenever we want. We will make no apologies for it. Don't say another word to me.

prefeteria said...

ColScott - were Naked and Fox given non-exclusive access to the footage so that you or others can still use it? Do you have any idea how much of it has been converted to digital?

starship said...

Hooray! It's a post from The Col! I hope this means maybe he is back in the saddle as next year heats up. 2019 looks to me like it's a "all hands on deck" kind of year.

AstroCreep said...

I watched the doc/tv show- I take everything I see with a grain of salt. Military movies don’t do justice, they can’t. I can still find them entertaining. Similarly with the above mentioned show.

Do you think (Col) that Tarantino might have seeded (or helped with a small push) this show to wet people’s appetite for a Manson movie?

Aside from a possible feature film or miniseries, how else is the footage marketable? Could a private buyer approach to purchase for his own personal curiosities? Maybe I’m missing something but wouldn’t the majority of the really vital stuff have already been used? I’m sure there is a ton of good stuff in there, just seems like he’d have used most of the poignant stuff already.

21 Days Stop Smoking Programme said...

Matt, thank you.

Gorodish said...

Indeed....thank you Matt !

Carlos said...

brownrice said...

Great post, Col. Interesting & insightful back story and spot-on review.

Yes, thanks especially for the back story.

ColScott said...

Pref- yes they were ...yes we can...... do I don't

Astro- no, the fact is Naked made the show on their own, then sold it. Nothing to do with QT.

Debbie Sitsler said...

I really enjoyed this article,I was hoping that this show would actually have something new to offer.Great blog,keep up the amazing writing!

Doug said...

Thank you.

Doug said...

As an distant outsider of the Hendrickson ouvre/circle/family I really felt a sadness seeing Robert's legacy being doled out in a manner I saw as exploitive and, disrespectful.

I gained some insight here from the Colonel's telling of the Hendrickson backstory and, the serious financial needs (medical/housing) of Tobyann and her elderly mother and do hope that the payment rec'd was sufficient to cover such costs.

I felt that it may have been a case of "the 1st pretty girl who walked up and asked for a dance" here and, perhaps the step-son acted a bit rashly. Col - do you feel he did? You and Matt seem very close to the Hendrickson family - when I read your post...I sense a sadness in your "voice"

Am I reading too much into all of this?

Hopefully, you can bring your project to fruition. Perhaps this opens the door a bit wider...rather than close it a wee bit more.

The program itself was pretty lame. In fact, even my mother - no authority on TLB at all - said to me , "Why the hell haven't they mentioned Kassabian!"

Last need to answer if none of my business...but after NBK, did you and QT fall out? Were you ever even IN to begin with?



David said...


Someone said to me (sorry, don’t remember who) “don’t feed the troll”. I quit because while now and then the ‘troll’ has a good take eventually it always comes down to that/this.

Doug said...

So true.

I was just trying to be nice. If you dig below the turgid miasma that makes up today's popular music - there are some pretty great performers.

He commented that he wanted to know who the performer was that did the "Motownesque" tune in the program when Gypsy was talking about the torching of the Earth was probably a stock background file. Anonymous. But - there are some great artists under the radar who are currently putting out similar music.

Oh well.

And, yes - he contributes some good points on occasion but, his diatribes lack even rudimentary intelligence/humour/wit.

Too bad

Doug said...

Like this from a few yrs back - The Detroit Cobras doing a fantastic Irma Thomas cover - not overdone/oversung/autotuned
And, not studio musician geniuses


Doug said...

Or, the UNBELIEVABLE GREATNESS that was Charles Bradley with his incendiary take on (yes) Black Sabbath's "Changes"

Doug said...


lostgirl said...

This post is everything. I can’t even watch anything “new” related to CM because I know it’s all shit. I would actually pay to watch something Col produced.

Doug said...

2nd that

Doug said...

Proud to call Lisa and her husband Bob and bassist Justin (also in Eric Burdon & the Animals BTW) friends

Lisa Kekeula is THE REAL DEAL

Doug said...

One last one (Bellrays) in case the live show is a bit too heavy for ya...this is more soulful

Dan S said...

I too shower approbrium upon thee!

As per Manson's mind control, isn't it more that he would only keep the submissives? His extrovertism seems pronounced (extremely) so he had a large pool to choose from, or even chose him.
Once his group was large enough they could exclude undesirables through ostracism. I think of him like a little dude with a life raft at the bottom of a funnel of despair that all his women were spralling downwards into. Despair against the pig system.

Was he driving up and down the coast selling dope? Does that detract From the sympathetic archetype of iconoclast troubadour father figure?

There never is much talk of Charlie's drug dealing. What was the true extent or was Stabby really the only dealer?(and the world's worst one at that)
Jay and Voytek's names get bandied about endlessly.

Doing things by proxy is a big element of Manson's M.O. On the rest of spaceship earth we call it delegating.
He's a master manipulator, but I don't believe he has the cunning to think 5 steps ahead. I bet he did live in the NOW, a very hazy now. I believe the story of him getting Little Paul off the marijuana charges by telling him what to wear and what to say to the judge. I believe the story that he beat his child for not keeping up over the wash ( actually i barely remember that story so i could be wrong but the point is he s a psychopath who didnt even care about his own children).
Still there's no murder or overt drug snafus til Watson shows up.
If anyone was mind controlled it was that guy. But I also think it was peer pressure that made him do it. Bobby is the wild card. The catalyst.
The way Hinman went down was so wrong in so many ways. It's left a bad taste in the world's mouth for 50 years (ooeeeoo: my swipe typing thought "taste" was "Tate")!
I think, for Tex, shooting and stabbing those people was like stealing the type writers. They were just blobs to him and he was sick of hearing about Bobby from all the girls who didn't like Tex. I believe he was kept on the periphery of the harem .
Drilling witch girl gave him a boost of confidence. (i believe LVH said his humping was magnificent [ I'm laughing that i typed that, maybe the dumbest sentence ever, enjoy]). So, anyway, you got this guy living in a tent, barely allowed to stay at the ranch. Paul said he barely spoke to him; that Tex was always working on something (e.g. a vehicle). Now if anyone knew the orgy pecking order, PW did, and he put Stabby at very little pecking.

So Tex is on the bottom of the funnel of despair and the Family seems like his life raft. Wasn't giving Charlie his truck enough? No. Tex doesn't play music. He doesn't fit in. The Crowe drug burn is embarrassing. Now the girls are on and on about Bobby.....

In other words, probably a false flag event with Sebring as spook and Sharon alive.
Seriously though,I have to believe Charlie's scientology training is significant. Scientology is bent on exploiting the feeble minded.

Orwhut said...

This is the update I've been waiting for since Robert Hendrickson passed away. Many thanks!

Dan S said...

I guess there's no word "approbrium". Well thank you, colonel and opprobrium to the trolls! When you disagree with someone you dont have to call them names

Robert C said...

Col -- great post.

David -- I'm the one who said several times don't feed the troll (SAG/RWH). Ignore, don't respond, don't even read his posts. Doing that empowers him in his mind via recognition. It's inevitable that the moderators will step in eventually and not too soon. Alternately, for those who like people who like to argue valueless points, keep talking to him.

Doug said...

Won't be this Cowboy going forward. Thanks Robert!

Chris B said...

Don't forget about DeCarlo. Apparently in on the copycat murders brain - storming session and with Davis drove Beausoleil and girls to Hinman ' s. Not to mention the weapons and bikers he brought to Spahn.

Gorodish said...

christopher butche wrote :

Don't forget about DeCarlo. Apparently in on the copycat murders brainstorming session and with Davis drove Beausoleil and girls to Hinman's

DeCarlo had nothing to do with either of the above....those are Beausoleil fantasies manufactured for the parole board.

Matt said...

David said... and then the ‘troll’ has a good take eventually it always comes down to that/this.

Yes, he had a good working knowledge of the subject matter but can't control his impulses to be a complete antisocial troll. He's done. He can't comment here any longer. We have plenty of people and energy to police the comments and delete him on sight. Buh bye, asshole.

Doug Smilth said...

[redacted] and Matt seem very close to the Hendrickson family

Doug, over the years we've had the pleasure of forging some lasting relationships and friendships. Robert was a special guy. He liked to stay in the realm of "ideas". To him the process of peeling back layers and discussing possibilities were infinitely interesting and fun. I miss him.

Robert C said...

The first thing I'd like to see happen is all of Robert H's tapes and other material transferred to a more stabile media. In the process getting it organized would help. The film may be degrading from natural aging (like me) and being from that era could be highly flammable. I still don't completely know how much material outside Robert H's two documentaries is still in the 'vault'. From the pics it almost seems like a lifetime job unless there is a team of assistants to sort and catalog. Obviously this would cost some serious bucks to do so I don't know if this will ever be done.

Next is obviously putting together a comprehensive (dream) documentary of all things MF, even if it is ten hours. Whatever such a film champions regarding reasons and events for this or that, I'd like to see, in instances where there is still considerable disagreement and unknowns, mentioning these other viewpoints.

I believe the truth, as agent Mulder would say, is still out there. There are still people around who know the answers to a lot of the fuzzy issues surrounding the MF. The are a lot of people out there running interference too.

AstroCreep said...

Robert C-

With crowdsourcing, the financials could be mitigated. It’s a matter of someone taking ownership and making it happen- if that’s what the family wants to have happen.

Robert’s family could do this very easily. It would still require the manhours and physical transfer to an appropriate restorer/digitizing company.

David said...

Matt said: "He's done."

I couldn't agree more.

David said...

Robert C said: "I'm the one who said several times don't feed the troll"

Sorry Robert, I couldn't remember who it was. It took me four or five times but I finally listened.

Robert C said: "The first thing I'd like to see happen is all of Robert H's tapes and other material transferred to a more stabile media. In the process getting it organized would help."

That would be tremendous. The back story here IMO is the second best part of the post. I think we cynics likely didn't expect much from the 'hook' about lost tapes or any documentary of this ilk. The best part of this post, for me, is the images. My mind has been pondering what might be on all that film. No, I wouldn't expect all the answers or even one answer but that is recorded history and that is hard to come by. Who knows bits of the film Mr. H was working on before he filmed the MF might be in there somewhere. If I recall that too had 'Family' members in it as extras.

Well done Col.

ColScott said...
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ColScott said...

Replies to Doug

This doesn't affect the show either way. We want to do a narrative program so any doc program has little to no effect.

QT was a close friend. He took our money and we optioned his script. (at the time I lived in a garage in Alhambra so money mattered). Just after Reservoir Dogs played Sundance he became a big deal in an inside the Beltway kind of way. He then actively tried to thwart us, even taking meetings with Oliver Stone to stop us. So yeah, we fell out. You made a deal you were happy about then went behind my back to screw me?

tinkse7en said...

As a long-time lurker here & even before Here was Now, I have to say The Lost Tapes catapulted me back into my fascination/obsession. I was a precocious 12 yr old when it hit, reading Rolling Stone, admiring the counter-culture (albeit I remember being extremely disillusioned when my friend's sister, having left a lovely, liberal, well-to-do yet intellectually warm & caring home for the Haight scene. She came back within a year, citing violence as the main reason.

Just read Dianne Lake's book: i thought it was enlightening, at least as far as The Oracle & The Hog Farm go (in her extremely naive & possibly biased young experience, that is).

No revelations, natch. Snake was marginalized from The Family & it bugs me that the reason for that wasn't made more clear.

I did give some thought into her insight into Sadie, as vying so hard for attention that she would even try to one-up Charlie, or at least SEEM to.

beauders said...

ColScott, all the boxes, film canisters, and other materials in the photo's, are they Manson Family related or are they acquirements of a life?

Doug said...

That's shitty no matter how you look at it. At least you didn't send out a "posse" to leave QT "something witchy!"

(Sorry - I couldn't help myself)

Still shitty of him...Do you think his "MF neighbours" film is a further act of shitiiness half directed at yourself (and, possibly others) in all his arrogance?

tinkse7en said...

One thing, as a lurker long, that I've attained here, is a great respect for Robert Hendrickson. I was quiet here when I sadly read that he had passed, but watching The Lost Tapes (flawed tho 'tis) made me realize that he lives on.

Doug said...

I used to lurk years ago and, life got seriously messed up with near death experiences, family and the like and, faded as RH became a real prescence on this very blog. I came back just before his unfortunate passing. Such a regret to have not engaged him in such discussions and possibilities as many of you were able to.
I miss him and barely got to really know him.

Doug said...

Good grief Col - he freaking attacked you!
I'm sorry if I was out of line by asking these questions... brutal!!!

Doug said...

I did spot reels that may contain parts of "CLOSE SHAVE"

Guida Diehl said...

Maybe this is my closed-minded nature, but I now ignore almost all documentary or TV treatments I run across of the Manson/TLB case for reasons similar to The Col's experience with this one. They're always disappointing, always sensationalist (which is to be expected in a case like this, I guess... but the levels it's taken to are often unnerving), always terribly researched. They're pumped out to give viewers a quick lurid thrill and who CARES if that thrill misinforms them and spreads waves of bullshit out through TV Land to pile up on the already extant waves of bullshit & further pollute the Public Perception of What Actually Happened? Not TV producers, they're just out for those oo-ee-oo $$$.

It's still disappointing in a case like this, where there was an opportunity to give viewers something different, something with actual value - there is so much that could be done through access to Robert's archive. We can't have nice things, apparently. :( Still, it got us a nice write-up from The Col, at least. Thanks, The Col.

Matt said...

MansonBlog provided them with a ton of research, too. So did others like Simon Wells and you saw what they did with it. In the future we may need to require legal agreements before helping these jackasses out.

DebS said...

I could still be half asleep and not reading Matt's comment correctly. The Mansonblog did NOT provide The Lost Tapes with any research. We did provide Manson Speaks: Inside The Mind Of A Madman a ton of research and that was the show that butchered Simon Wells excellent research.

Matt said...

My bad, Deb. I hadn't had enough caffeine yet...

AstroCreep said...

I think part of the problem is format. As Col mentioned, a miniseries can delve much deeper than a 1 hour (48 min runtime) show. The first 10 minutes are generally a history lesson to get viewers the basic facts of the case- who, what, when, where, and why. The 5 w’s in the Manson case follow the “official narrative” so to present the viewer with alternate theories and motives is pretty tough to accomplish with the remaining 38 minutes. Especially with time also being devoted to a wrap up.

I’m not defending the recent (or other) documentary. Just saying a 1 hour runtime is tough. I believe one of the shows was a two hour show- just don’t honestly remember. (Might have been both)

My personal pet peeve are the re-enactments. They’re horrible. I’d personally rather be shown real footage of the person being discussed with a Manson “expert” discribing the events. Just my personal preference and even if it’s file footage I’ve seen before. Watching some long hair bearded dude wearing hippie clothes trying to sport the Charlie “glare of death” is super lame.

Jeff Harper said...

Doe anyone else think that this saga could be a good candidate for American Crime Story? I enjoyed the OJ series...maybe this could be a format.

Carlos said...

AstroCreep said...

I think part of the problem is format. As Col mentioned, a miniseries can delve much deeper than a 1 hour (48 min runtime) show.

True, but I can also see even deeper risk of a long chain of cherrypicked items methodically put together over multiple hours to reinforce one particular narrative to the exclusion of all others.

You are quite correct that anyone’s one or even two hour offering will likely be of no value to those who have conducted extensive research and learning on the Family and all things TLB.

Personally, I would much prefer the option to be able to get my hands on raw source material such as RH’s film archive or Ed Sanders’ papers in digitized form and leave the rest to me. I don’t want to be fed any more narratives. But given economic realities, barring something like crowdsourced funding for a non-profit entity to obtain title to certain raw materials and make them available as a digital archive, I doubt it will happen.

tinkse7en said...

I don't see television journalism ever doing real justice to this story. The sensational aspects of it are far too ingrained into the fabric of the tale. I believe that what we know now is all that we will ever know, & there is sadly no one out there in place to dig further.

jerseydevil said...

The Wrecking crew is being shown on Turner classic movies tonight late night if anyone's interested it's one of Sharon Tates better movie's

Hippiedoll said...

Thanks for the heads-up on THE WRECKING CREW being shown on TCM.
I just checked my guide and yes, it's coming on at 11 o'clock tonight here. And yes I get that channel.
I guess I'm having some popcorn later on tonight.

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

This is being shown in the UK tonight at 9. Feck it, I was hoping it would be a series not a one off!

sheisalocal said...

That would be a great idea but I'd worry it would be overdramatized and closer to the Bugs narrative.

sheisalocal said...

I second this. Bring on the primary sources!

jerseydevil said...

Once again Turner classic movies is showing another
Film featuring Sharon Tate
Eye of the Devil Saturday late night I believe this was her first movie role
In my opinion it's a pretty decent movie in general

Doug said...

Tina Louise is also in The Wrecking Crew. In the 3rd season opening episode of that bastion of acting brilliance - Gilligan's Island (Up at Bat) Gilligan is bitten by a bat. A farcical dream sequence ensues where Ginger plays a voluptuous campy redheaded maiden and wacky hijinks break out...Oooh-eee-oooh!?!?

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

So I am half way through and paused it...I actually find it utterly gripping! It is fantastic seeing the MF in HD and Zoe Wanamaker's narration is perfect! So far so great!!!

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

And I must be a newbie because I don't recognise quite a bit of the material!

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

Catherine Share has joined the woke people.Blue hair and lies sum up the WOKE it is quite sad.

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

Ok it's over! I feel i should hand in my HS Skeptic badge because I really liked this! I LOVED the see Paul, Sandra (wow..her blue eyes were entrancing), Lyn and Brenda so animated and so HD was so cool!!!

Terrapin said...

Word coming out of the UK is that its different (more footage etc) than the version shown in the US. Anyone seen both?

grimtraveller said...

Terrapin said...

Word coming out of the UK is that its different (more footage etc) than the version shown in the US. Anyone seen both?

Our version was in 2 one hour parts; the first part actually wasn't bad. It was very watchable although to anyone that has followed the case even semi closely, there are moments where one may experience the gnashing of teeth and the biting of tongues.
The second part reverted to the usual misinformation fused with poor research or maybe I'm just overly fussy about cops that arrived on the scene of the crimes saying they saw Sharon Tate's pregnant stomach with knife wounds.
An observation; making this kind of show and not mentioning Vincent Bugliosi or Linda Kasabian by name is like telling the story of the Beatles and leaving out George Harrison and "Revolver" or recounting the story of Jesus and leaving out Judas and the resurrection.

grimtraveller said...

Gorodish said...

those are Beausoleil fantasies manufactured [for the parole board]

His contribution to the doc was another ~ that Charlie told him that he told Tex to go and kill Terry Melcher on August 8th and that he hadn't realized that he'd moved.
Oh brother.
Bobby's like my youngest son ~ 2 years ago in France {he was 11}, whenever we'd go swimming, he wouldn't hang his towel outside in the wind and sun to dry and freshen, he'd just leave it in his bag so after about 4 days, it was stinking and leaving it blowing in the wind for 2 further days didn't dissipate the smell. But we felt it was a good practical lesson for him to learn. But from time to time, he'll leave a towel scrunched up in his room. He still hasn't learned the lesson ~ rather like Bobby. In the last Manson doc {"the Final Words"} he demonstrated this {Bobby, not my son !} and one just has to look at his explanations for events that happened after August 6th '69 regarding the Family to see how clueless he is about most of what happened.
It says a lot about "love for brother."

Carlos said...

Personally, I would much prefer the option to be able to get my hands on raw source material such as....Ed Sanders’ papers in digitized form and leave the rest to me

I'm totally with you on that. That's why, for me, "Death To Pigs" is such a valuable book. I'm much more into books than visuals and reading stuff and coming to my own conclusions {OK, so even I can see that that looks ironic !} is a much more refreshing excursion on which to travel. Almost all of the dialogue that accompanied the film clips of Robert's in this documentary are from "Death To Pigs."

I don’t want to be fed any more narratives

I've been narratived to death.

grimtraveller said...

I have a good friend who, as I was watching the docu, it suddenly occurred to me that she is a dead ringer for Catherine Share back in the day. I called my 16 year old son down to have a look and I said "who does that remind you of ?" and he looked for a moment and then got it in one. Nothing particularly strange about that. What is weird and maybe even qualifies for one of Starviego's "oo-ee-ooh"s is that for about the last 7 or 8 years, I've been saying that her daughter looks so much like Susan Atkins {she's currently 16}. She really does. I even showed my friend Atkins' picture and she even said yeah, she could see her daughter looking like that when she grows up. She probably {hopefully} won't, though.

dawnn said...

Hendricks film is amazing He was ahead of his time.

grimtraveller said...

I have a good friend who, as I was watching the docu, it suddenly occurred to me that she is a dead ringer for Catherine Share back in the day

A couple of days ago my wife had some friends around and I was going to go out and leave them to it but at various points, I got into various conversations and stayed. One of her friends, the more I spoke with her, the more I realized she was almost the image of Sandra Good at her most mansonic. She's very passionate about being vegan and as she talked, it was like being in a timewarp and listening to Sandy, except that this lady was very English. It was a truly odd sensation.
If I start coming across Clem and Tex doppelgängers, that's it, I'm changing my interests and circle of friends !