Monday, June 8, 2020

To Tell the Truth Jay Sebring

This is an episode of To Tell the Truth with Jay Sebring as the guest. January 28 1963!

To Tell the Truth was a game show that aired from 1956-1968.  There was a panel of four celebrities whose task it was to figure out which of three contestants was telling the truth about something in  particular, it could be an event, their occupation or simply something notable that the person had done. Each wrong vote the panel made earned the impostor $100 in the daytime version or $250 in the nighttime version.

Thank you Max Frost for sending this to us!


Fayez Abedaziz said...

Will the real Sadie Susan please stand up, whooh!
Be still my heart.
Here and there, the always, perpetually cute Sadie Susan, well, the darling girl had rather a different look on her special, exotic face, Dig? Of course you do, citizens.
Free style barefoot girl, then dressed glamorously in the hallways of the boring courthouse and even in the Budget California Hotel System, as a guest of the Golden, now dimming State of California. Whatever.
Even when the sweet young lady from San Gabriel, last name Atkins, (origin of name from the peculiar 'nation' of the British Isles.) I'd wanna break away too if I was in beautiful Ireland or beautiful Scotland.
I digress only a bit, so don't get shook!
No matter what hairstyle, Susan had a knack of facial expressions that somehow changed from a few days ago! What's up with that?
So, here she comes, walking down that hall, she's wearing pink on her lips and on her hips, makes a red blooded all American boy just about to trip and fall!
Susan coulda been on three of the Tell The Truth Shows. Later on the Dating Game, or on the Playboy Show, hey hey.
I always like the Lovely Kitty Carlisle, could we have more American women dress and act dignified like her? Or, when I was a young fella (cute, before very good looking) I would look up at the screen at the ladies in American movies such as Doris Day, Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner and so on and think, I can hardly wait to get back to the U.S.
I started smoking and chasing girls when I was sue me.
This was in what is now called the West Bank, Palestine, in Ramallah, where I was also a student('61-'64, before they asked me to leave, I did, came to Colorado, 15 years old) at a private American school-the Friends Boys School- same as the dozen or so others around the world. The one in D.C. is the Sidwell Friends School where diplomats, Presidents and other fancy schmancy types send their kids. I should talk, ha.
What am I talking about
lemme see if I can get it right
oh the well groomed Jay Sebring Well what year was that show
and did you know
that most young fellas and myself too
used hair oils and creams and we were cool
before the natural look by 1967 for many by then
show some class and I'll tell you naysayers two things
you ain't seen someone till you see 'em in person
Sadie was so cute and playful
and when I was a boy in the early '60's in the Detroit area
my favorite hair dressing was Top Brass
any of you know where I can get some
never mind I just remembered I'm looking at how on this computer
how about that
thank you and I will be back somewhat sooner
and America's ladies back then were classy and nicer

Terrapin said...

Fayez.. i don't believe you. Ive seen your post on the site and i think you are full of shit

St. Circumstance said...

I watched a 30 for 30 last night about Bruce Lee called " Be Water"

IF it is correct.... I learned two things related to this case :)

1. It was actually Jay Sebring who discovered Bruce at a Tournament in San Jose in 1964. Jay was in the audience at a demonstration Bruce did and then Jay recommended him to a producer named William Dozier.

2. Although he had a few early chances, Bruce did not make it in Hollywood first time around, and returned to Hong Kong in 71 where he made a couple of huge hits over there before returning to Hollywood where he exploded. But, at that time Sharon was already dead. So, whereas Sharon and Jay did train with Bruce Lee- he wasn't as "world Famous" when he trained them as he would become later on in life

Not that the second point really matters at all- I just always assumed they picked Bruce Lee for his popularity, not because he had a previous relationship with Sebring.

St. Circumstance said...

Sorry :) 1 more ...

He didn't actually train Sharon individually for the movie "Wrecking Crew". He couldn't get any real acting parts and refused to play parts that portrayed Chinese people in negative light- so he took stunt coordinating work to pay bills. He was actually the Stunt Coordinator on that film, and not just someone hired to train specifically Sharon.

That was news to me too.

orwhut said...

That info was an interesting find, St.

St. Circumstance said...

Thanks lol Turns out Chuck Norris was in The Wrecking Crew as well in an uncredited role. Who knew?

This was the first documentary I have ever watched in my life that had old video/pics of both Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring that did NOT mention Charlie at all.

orwhut said...

Cool! I had to look up 30 for 30 to find out what it was. Maybe I should watch more TV.

FrankM said...

Fayez, what is the purpose of the countless mails you post telling us of your brief encounter with Susan Atkins?

I think we get the picture: on return from the Middle East you went to a couple of schools in the Denver, CO area, met a trio of young women and were smitten by one, who turned out to be Susan Atkins. You then had a relationship with her, the details of which are not really the concern of anyone here. You have dined out on this again and again on a number of web sites and continue to do so here, regularly.

Whether or not anyone here or elsewhere believes your story, we have heard it enough times for you to change it for another one. Or simply to put up if you have nothing else worthwhile to say.

It is clear from your writings elsewhere that you can write lucidly and in a straightforward, narrative style yet here you choose to write in riddles. Quite why that is is unclear, but it isn’t endearing you to anyone who tries to follow you.

For the common good I urge you to cease and desist.


Dan S said...

Motormouth stripper with mucho clap and a million sex partners... and you're in love with her?!...50 years later... I mean come on!

Peter said...

"Please don't dominate the rap, Jack
If you've got nothing new to say."

Patty is Dead said...

St said
This was the first documentary I have ever watched in my life that had old video/pics of both Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring that did NOT mention Charlie at all.

We watched it last night and noticed the same thing. It's a good documentary imo

St. Circumstance said...

It was pretty good. More vintage video of life in California in the 60's and I can never get enough of that :)

I watched the video of this game show and again notice how short Jay was. He seems to have had a really interesting, if not somewhat dark, life in his own right.

Here is my lame but true Game Show Story lol:

when I was in middle school in NJ my baby sitter's sister went with friends out to LA for vacation. While out there, she signed up for - and got a shot to go on- whatever they called the 100,000 Pyramid back in those days. While on the show- an agent saw her and got her some extra work. Every once in awhile she would fly back out there to do small things here and there.

Then in 1985- I was a senior in high school, and worked at the same restaraunt as my old babysitter ( by now she was a school teacher, and bartending at the restaruant part-time) I walked up to the bar one afternoon after the lunch rush, and she was watching her sister who was invited back on 100,000 pyramid again. Someone saw her on that show and offered her an audition for a new series they were about to start called "30 something". She did audition and got the lead female role of Hope. Her name was Mary Ellen Harris and she went by "Mel"..

and I promise this boring story is true lol

Thanks for this video Max- very interesting and fun to watch all the old ads lol :)

orwhut said...

I'm doing a little bit better with "30 Something". At least I've heard of it.

HellzBellz said...
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HellzBellz said...

Coooool !! I was a Todler when this was Broadcasted.... And not in America, No Cable/Satelite TV back then. Although we had this kinda Show in late 70s too. But for this One...guess what ?? I had it right in One go now !! Where can I collect the $$Price-Money$$ ??

Doug said...

Fayez - I believe that Vera/Robin is available...

HellzBellz said...

Fayez Abedaziz said... So, here she comes, walking down that hall, she's wearing pink on her lips and on her hips, makes a red blooded all American boy just about to trip and fall! Yeah ...and had a Mustache too !!

Dan S said...

You guys are funny. And you know what? O bet fayez is laughing too. But i gotta say SA was attractive. Cleaned up good too. Except that crazy 80s look with the weird hair and long nails. That was bizarre

StillGrooving said...

Even if I didn't recognize Jay from his face, I would have guessed right, too. He seemed so timid and dainty. #1 might have given Tex more fight than he could handle, and #2 was just too old.

orwhut said...

I don't remember hearing Sinatra called "Old Blue Eyes" on the segment. Makes me wonder when he picked up the nickname.

Fayez Abedaziz said...

Jay, seeing a psycho pulling at Sharon, reacted as a man would, with the intention, not only of stopping the thuggery, but to show, impress upon stupid, smelly looking Tex, that here "I'm a guy who, even with you waving a gun, have some guts and concern for a woman, pregnant, so, if you would cool it..."
It didn't work.
I surmise. I would have been tempted to say something like that.
Jay was not a coward and neither was Voytek.I think we all, most anyway, know that if Tex did not have a gun, they would have attacked him (Tex) and so Tex woulda had two angry guys at him.
The girls, just at good guy Gary Hinman's house, reacted after the male commenced the brutality.
The not too bright girls there, at the Tate house, including the 'oh so innocent Linda' couldn't really think of and see tomorrow, as to the coming days.
They all would have scurried away if only Tex and Beausoleil would have said let's go.
The're still guilty but one can think and ponder. As opposed to some foul words and a coupla sentences of hate that one sees on all these sites. It's always hate against the girls. Maybe a bit too much, one may think.
To Tell The Truth one pretty much hadda been there, the whole truth, sure, but as I stated above, one may ponder and since we're talking about Jay (because he was at the Tate house) and this site is about the people there, like the 'Manson Family')
we talk about all of those individuals (surprise!)
And I wrote the governor about Leslie, by the way. Let her go, hypocrites of California's 'legal' so-called rehabilitation system.
And, I wrote others in positions of power there.
Did that several years ago too and got no reply from 'our' civil and legal servants.
Well, how about that: the more things change the more they feakin' stay the same.
Damn it

St. Circumstance said...

Fayez- Sir...

my negativity for the girls personally has as much to do with the way they acted after the crimes as much as anything any of them did during the crimes- save Pat (who was truly an animal on both nights)

Dancing, singing, and laughing in front of the victims families is a sick a thing to do after what they had been put through.

I might agree with you somewhat that the females were mostly following and would probably have gone in whatever direction the men led them, but the total lack of remorse they showed, and the joke they tried to turn the whole trial into, is just a little hard for me to write off as immaturity. There have been lots of young adults who have committed really brutal crimes. I feel like almost all of them had the common sense/decency to show some empathy, or at least restraint, in front of the families/world afterwards. These girls could have cared less. And the display they put on in front of the parents and relatives is as unforgivable as the crime itself. To me :)

I have said for over 10 years, and stand by my prediction that none of them will ever get out. Your girl Susan is why I feel stronger than ever I am right. Sadie couldn't stay awake at her trial, she had body parts amputated, Would never walk again on her own. Still- she was deemed a threat. THAT should have told you all you ever needed to know. Clem would have been the best argument. How could Lulu, or Susan be more dangerous in their 60's (lulu now in her 70's) than Clem was as a middle aged Man? Clem- the "crazy one" got out at a prime age, and these old women are too dangerous on canes?

Alas, that time has come and gone. Clem had something they needed, and that chance will never come back again.

I agree Jay was a hero on that night. Jay seemed to have honorable intentions where Sharon was concerned. I think Gun, or no gun, Jay would have made a move at some point if he knew Tex was going to be so quick to pull the trigger. Jay has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Sharon with me....

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

That is really interesting about Mel Harris St. She starred in a mini series called Cross of Fire with John Heard, which is one of my favourites, She was a brilliant actress.

St. Circumstance said...

Thank you Last Girl, seems kinds silly now, but we were very proud of her at the time :)

It also seems like so long ago.

Consider this....

I didn't know about Cross of Fire. But, after "30 Something" we heard she got a part in a movie. It was called K-9, and it starred John Belushi and a police dog lol Obviously, it wasn't heavily promoted, or released. My hometown had 1 movie theater that played two movies a week, so we didn't really get a chance to see it until it came out on video. We waited all week for the local video store to get it, and when it came- Mel didnt even make the cover of the box lol

How about the fact that there was no Blockbuster then, and no Blockbuster now??? Has life cruised by or what? Blockbuster was the focus of my life at one point in my late teens. I waited every Tuesday for the new movies to arrive. Based some of my favorite High school nights on the movies we watched from there. An entire Gigantic Company came and went in what now looking back- seemed like 10 minutes. Oh well, I rarely see a travel agency, or milk-man either lol

I guess time changes :) ( unless your lulu, Bobby, Pat, or Bruce)

St. Circumstance said...

correction- it Was James Belushi not John. I just went back and looked up the movie lol

Fayez Abedaziz said...

Tell me, are we living in an episode of the Twilight Zone
oh boy Rod Serling if you were still around
cause you know I was in the middle of the city and
glanced around
I said get the hell away from me and I left town
and I thought get me outta here take me back to '79' '67' or even to '69
sat on a hill raised my flask and took a drink
I looked on up and said
here's to you brother Charlie and one to you Susie
I know you can't sing and drink now not even have a toke

St. Circumstance:
what you say is what I generally quite agree with.
It's obvious you are looking at things with practical reason and, of course, we express our feelings to events and people's words and actions, such as to those from some members from Club Spahn. I appreciate your civility.

Some of my thoughts on the lead up and then the actual crimes are that it would have taken nothing for there to be nothing- what I mean is, if there were no starting points on the evenings of August 8 and/or August 9, there would have been nothing to occur at Cielo or Waverly Drives.
We would never have heard of 'em, the girls and Paul Watkins would have been fine simply to live on moving with time just having that way of living and so on.
Doesn't excuse 'em of the crimes.
Yet, when it comes to unfairness and political interference... well, they go together don't they.
2008- The California Supreme Court ruled that the viciousness of the crime cannot be
the main reason to deny parole and freedom. That the main reason must be-Is she or he a danger to society?
So, what do they do at the governors' offices when it comes to pretty eyes Leslie, for example? They add, quite conveniently...'oh and by the way, she'd be a danger to society so don't let her go.'
So,to get away for a denial, that's exactly what it's about. I'm telling you, some of the staff decide all this, give the governor several seconds of a rubdown and he signs it.

I wrote letters to the Stanford Law School about this, as in, why don't you inquire and question the actions of governor's denying parole? You did studies on these issues, including the recidivism factors. And the older age factor of an inmate.
Why don't you go to the prison and ask these questions, of the warden and the parole board. Aren't we dealing with Constitution rights?
And what about the 8th Amendment?
Why are many hundreds of murderers released, from 18 to 30 years time served, in California? Some stabbed two or three people to death and so on.
They give 'em money a computer and some community/charity helps them and they sit there smiling. You hypocritical a holes.
Screw that.

So now What?
I'll tell ya, if I could be there and look the governor or his staff or the warden or the paroles board people right in the eye and tell things, they would think very differently about a release Leslie. They would let her go.
Look now, here's a fact: now it's 2020- Leslie is not a criminal.
There's remorse, forgiveness, human decency and what about the old, had been admired, American ways of a second chance and fairness?

Fayez Abedaziz said...

Oh I apologize for a couple mistakes-
In the 6th line it shoulda read '70 not '79.
-and it should read 'give the governor several seconds of a 'rundown'- not 'rubdown'
that's typing fast for ya on the keyboard.
Thank you

Terrapin said...

I'll tell ya, if I could be there and look the governor or his staff or the warden or the paroles board people right in the eye and tell things, they would think very differently about a release Leslie. They would let her go.


St. Circumstance said...

Fayez Sir...

I have read and/or watched almost every parole hearing that any of them ever had. If you compare the cases lawyers made for the release of Susan and Leslie early in this decade- with the case Clems made when he actually got released in the 80's....

You will see there is alot more at play here than the law.

That may suck. I agree it is most likely not "fair". Although as they did manage to get sentenced/re-sentenced in that weird moment in time that ultimately saved their own lives- You could say they were treated more than fairly in the overall scheme of things.

If you could have told Leslie a few years in when she was still on "Death Row", but starting to come into terms with what was going on, that she could change her tune, apologize, and switch her death sentence for life with no parole- I think she would have taken that shake in a heartbeat.

Maybe not.

But, unless you have some information that could shake this case for all of us- its hard to think what else anyone could say that some really good lawyers haven't tried over all these years. I wonder if there has ever been anything anyone could say or have said?

I have always felt that they just were not going to get out. At this point, it wouldn't really much matter if they did. Personally, I have softened on this a bit over the years. It would have let Susan go home to die for the sake of her family, who were also innocent in this matter, and deserved some humility. LULU as well, if she wants to spend her final days on a porch overlooking some form of nature- I wouldn't protest.

Pat- no chance if it were up to me and Tex either.
Bruce- I here is out of his wits anyway, but he probably is the only one who really knows anything else and he never spoke up, so I dont care if he rots either.
Bobby- ? I dont know about this guy either lol. Trickier than the rest, because he is the smartest.

Anyway, thats my two cents. Thanks for yours :)

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

I remember my uncle being the first person in our town to get a VCR. He also had a Beta Max which he thought was going to be the more successful. We only had one video shop and the man who ran it had all the video nasties. My older sister would watch them first and if she thought they were ok, I would watch them with my brother and sisters. Have very fond memories of watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Evil Dead as a ten year old.

Aw that is too bad about Mel!😂 If you can you should definitely watch Cross of Fire. It is based on a true story of the lead of the KKK in Indiana, DC Stephens, in the 1920s and how he was brought down when he attacked Mel’s character Marge and she died. Mel was really excellent in it. She was so pretty as well. No wonder you were so proud.

St. Circumstance said...

We must be about the same age lol ( I am 53) I remember those movies...

Thanks for the memories!

LastGirlOnTheLeft said...

I’m 44. No worries was fun for me too.❤️

kraut_iznota_knotsy said...

"Fayez" needs to go somewhere else. A total waste of "bits"

Matthew said...

Kraut_iznota_knotsy said:

"Fayez" needs to go somewhere else. A total waste of "bits"

I am not sure how much of what Fayez says is real or LSD flashbacks, but I actually enjoy reading his posts.

cindyfromphilly said...

I liked it. The dog who played Jerry Lee, was a real police dog who ended up dying from gun shot while apprehending a suspected cop killer. Also had a 1.2 million drug bust under his collar.