Monday, May 16, 2022

The Several Searching Scholars Ride Again!

And arrive too late as usual...

Welcome to another installment of Deemer-ing with Bunt, Doug, and Montana.

Lately, we're trying to find someone from the Ranch crew who will verify the child trafficking claims levied by Cielo relatives against Patricia Krenwinkel during recent parole hearings. Saturday, Buntline popped up in our Ham Radio chat (Come in, Guam!) with hot info wrapped in a cautionary tale about believing everything you read on the Internet.

"Here's a Deemer's list guy."

CARR, Robert John    
Mass./El Monte/ Canoga Park
Nickname: B.C.
FIR at Spahn Ranch.

Stephanie Schram was asked about B.C. Link via the Almighty

"Officer Butler has also received information that a person known only as 'B.C.' is working on the various dune buggies at the Spahn Ranch. 'B.C.' reportedly works at a Volkswagen Agency in Simi, and he is paid large sums of money by Charles Manson to work on the dune buggies. 'B.C.' reportedly is the person who installed the 1969 Volkswagen engine and transmission out of the stolen Volkswagen into the dune buggy owned by Manson."

Butler owned Butler's Buggy Shop and was a victim of Manson Family auto thefts. Odd that he knew Carr only as B.C. while Deemer apparently had the full story. Think they ever got around to comparing notes? 

Anyway. We think B.C. is dead. We found him and his son trapped for Internet eternity in a brain shattering loop of exposing Jewish conspiracies online, stopping the government from trafficking minors in space, Sovereign Citizenship, and deadly viruses none of them believed were real. The covid thing possibly killed B.C.'s son. The jury is still out on B.C. 

B.C. put his Senior Citizen Identification Card on his Facebook. He hasn't been there since 2019. The card remains valid through this fall. 

Here's B.C.'s Facebook page. Notice his employment at Volkswagen. What's in that one photo you say? Why, his willy of course. 

Bunt wanted me to mention this photo was taken postcoital. Our man B.C. was likely all drippy and whatnot. Shrinky. 

News that matters. Greenwhite with the hard facts. The Manson Blog is the only resource you will ever need. Btw, the lady who took the photo and informed the Internet of the snapshot's timing also accused B.C. of stealing her trailer home. Love hurts sometimes.  

Bunt's comments with the photo: 

"I had to delve deep into the B.C. family rabbit hole for this photo. Except there weren't any rabbits. Just racism, anti-Semitism, and insanity.  

Also, it wasn't a rabbit hole, it was a dumpster, and the dumpster was on fire.


Thanks, we sure did. But Mrs. B.C. absolutely steals the show. She's still out there posting fire memes and political hot takes, and you know we're all goodly and honest, so we'll keep that lil gem to ourselves like we keep so many other lil gems to ourselves. 

Empathy. The Several Searching Scholars' way. 

More from Bunt: 

"They lived in the sort of trailer park where neighbors with soiled pants come around asking for food. Imagine like a cross between the Addams Family, Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes.

She's got a British flag on her trailer because she is actually Queen Elizabeth II while also being FDR's daughter. Also, most things appear to be the fault of the Jews. 

I seen things man. I seen things you can't imagine." 

Mrs. B.C. seriously believes she's the Queen of England somehow. And also knows everyone famous as all free women of the land are want to do. Oh, and this:

Two freakin likes. Facebook is a lonely place sometimes. 

We return to our searchings...


Doug said...

Last 3 #s of his Driver's License...hmmmm

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Ringo is actually in that bus btw.

Doug said...

Hollywood Productions

G. Greene-Whyte said...

I'm not sure how the Senior ID cards in California work but it appears BC died 8/8/2014. Ohhhh weee ohhhh. He worked off-the-books from 1974 moving forward and had a sparse work history before then. BC served in the USAF from 1957-1959.

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Sorry. The above is from Montana.

shoegazer said...

So it's come to this, has it?

G. Greene-Whyte said...

Shush or you get the photo sans leaf in your inbox.

starviego said...

Congratulations on finding out the ID on "B.C."

BC might have been an informant:
Mention is made of an informer identified as “B.C.” who claimed to be paid large sums of money to work on Manson’s dune buggies at the ranch.

starviego said...

"Butler owned Butler's Buggy Shop"

Phil Butler was the cop. His brother Dale owned the shop.

Buntline II said...

Star - The arrest warrant states that it was owned by Phil and Dale Butler. Dale managed it though.

starviego said...

Is Squeaky referring to the Butlers in this excerp from Reflexion?

pg455: (Re the Spahn Ranch Raid of Aug 16, 1969) Gypsy: "A welding machine was taken, some of Danny's guns, and two dune buggies that we brought from a retired police officer who lived and worked out of an auto shop in the valley. It was for those we were all charged with Grand Theft Auto."
Squeaky: "When queried about the expensive and time-consuming raid, the seizure of people and property, officials stated that charges had to be tossed out because one of their own had typed an incorrect date on the search warrant. We believed it had more to do with the ex-cop who sold us a dune buggy he had never legally owned. It was not returned."

Did the Butlers then deliberately plant stolen goods at the ranch in some kind of entrapment operation?

Doug said...

I'm thinking more like the cop Butler was "employing" BC and, his interactions with the Butler Brothers was looking to be kinda shady. Perhaps his brothers in blue cut Phil some slack because of his likely criminal connection to the enterprise that Dale, BC and, quite probably, both Manson and his chop shop crew were involved in...

Like the police having their own version of "keep a brother (in blue) outta jail!"

We're probably never going to know the "gospel truth" but your take and mine both have some merit...

The cops were pretty much as comically inept as the various MF members...

Peter said...

"Merit" ... "speculation"

Potato ...potahto

Doug said...

Hash browns

G. Greene-Whyte said...

She did her own likes.