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Bread Truck Arrest Report April 19 1969

Courtesy of LAPL Photo Collection

We have all heard about the Bread Truck Bust but have you ever read the arrest report? It is not a major event in the Mansonsphere except possibly for the sheer number of people involved. Fourteen adults and two 13-year-old juveniles were taken into custody.

As was typical of the Family, only half of them used their true names.  Some of those arrested as adults were actually juveniles.  Law enforcement suspected it but were stymied as to how to figure who was really who until much later.

For those who don’t have a cheat sheet to know who was using what alias here is a list suspects including those who used alternative names, numbered according to how they are listed in the reports:

1. Heuvelhurst is Ruthann Moorehouse

2. Cottage is Patricia Baldwin

3. Bluestein is Dianne Lake

4. McCann is Nancy Pitman

5. Sankston is Leslie Van Houten

6. Bo Rosenberg

7. Barbara Jean Lipsett is Barbara Hoyt

8. Lynette Fromme

9. Wright is Catharine Share

10. Stephanie Rowe

11. Sandy Good

12. Paul Watkins

13. William Feeney

14. David Lipsett (Karate Dave) was David Ralph Baker, confirmed by his rap sheet

The two 13-year-olds are named in the report but I won’t name them here. One of the 13-year-olds was a first cousin of Herbert Townsend. You might remember a post discussing The Fountain of the World where it was revealed in the comments that Herbert Townsend’s brother, Danny Wayne Townsend a resident at the Fountain, along with accomplices, murdered two teenaged girls. Those Townsend boys were a tough lot and seemed to be drawn to communal settings.

The Bread Truck arrestees were pulled over by the CHP in Lancaster CA at 8:00 AM because the truck didn’t have a current registration sticker. You drive through Lancaster on your way to Death Valley. David Lipsett was driving. The charges were Grand Theft Auto and Contributing the Delinquency of a Minor, all but Lipsett were eventually released without any charges sticking. The Bread Truck wasn’t exactly stolen because the CHP couldn’t figure out who it belonged to as it was not in the system. The license plates belonged to another vehicle entirely.

Thanks to my behind-the-scenes posse who helped fill in some of the blanks!


Matthew said...

Interesting. The only thing is that the wording sounds like the two girls, Dori and Cheryl were part of the fountain. The were not. Medina and Townsend picked them up hitch hiking at Roscoe and Topanga. The connection to the fountain was Townsend

orwhut said...

Excellent, clear, and understandable, Deb. That's one reason you're so popular.

Maybe I missed it but, I don't recall seeing where anyone associated with the family was ever charged with giving false information to the police because of their aliases. Wasn't that a crime in those days?

DebS said...

Matthew, you're right, the wording was awkward. I've changed it.

DebS said...

orwhut, Yes, it was illegal to use a false name in those days. Unlike today where law enforcement can simply enter finger prints into the system and the computer will do the work, they had to do finger print searches by hand and eye. It took more time than getting the reports typed out and the suspects charged or released in the timeframe required by law.

It all eventually caught up to them though and that's why most of the people on Deemer's list had one or more aliases. The Bread Truck bust was relatively minor compared to the later murders. A murder would step up the process greatly and more people would be assigned to do the grunt work of all the little things like fingerprint analysis to build a solid case.

orwhut said...

That explains it very well and I'd never have figured it out. Now I can find something else to be puzzled over.
Thank you,

Gorodish said...

If Paul Watkins is to be believed, Karate Dave Baker slipped out the bathroom window during an Antelope Valley court recess (pending this case) and made his way back to Spahn.

orwhut said...

The arrest report said the bread truck was a 1951 Dodge van. If it wasn't faster than the Dodge pickup of a similar vintage I drove, it wouldn't have stood a chance in a car chase. As I recall the pickup wouldn't top 42 mph except, maybe down hill, with a tail wind.

starviego said...

So, according to his rap sheet, Baker is arrested for robbery and burglary in the spring of '69, and then escapes from the courtroom after the Lancaster bust. All this while he is still on probation for his pot bust. Did he do any time for these crimes? Doesn't sound like it.

We have not heard the full story on this guy.

Buntline II said...

Well it’s time for us to go,

But I want you all to know

That Karate’s not about fighting

It’s about knowing who you are,

And being kind and honest

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Yeah, that’s the Karate Dave way.

Keep Karate in your heart

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Yeah, that’s the Karate Day Way.

Hi ya!

DebS said...

Starviego, if he served time, it wasn't that much. I found a marriage records for him, in November 1970 he married a 17 year old girl in Sacramento. They divorced in 1974.

Buntline II said...


David said...

Orwut said: " As I recall the pickup wouldn't top 42 mph except, maybe down hill, with a tail wind."

For me that is part of the humor I see in the Sear Caper. Imagine Brunner trying to flee in that truck. A very pregnant Good t tossing credit cards out the door trying to hold on. The manager chasing them honking his horn as they "race" to the 405. They cut through the gas station at maybe 25 mph bouncing along.

Oddly the cops arrive in what seems like a hurry and your initial thought is 'Wow, they were right there." No, the bread truck couldn't exceed 40mph.

For me one of the best humor moments of all this.

David said...


orwhut said...

I'm glad you found some humor in my story. The bread truck might have had a bigger engine or the truck I drove might have had a governor. All I know is that particular Dodge pickup was as slow as molasses. It belonged to my employer and I was paid by the hour so it wouldn't have helped my income if I'd been able to get more speed out of it.

starviego said...

DebS said...
I found a marriage records for him, in November 1970 he married a 17 year old girl in Sacramento.

Researcher Dan Hale spotted a cameo by Baker in the Manson documentary by Hendrickson, probably filmed sometime in 1970. So Karate Dave was apparently still a part of the group at that time, though he probably wasn't living with them full time.

starviego said...

Hendrickson probably mentioned him in his book as being there at that time.

Death to Pigs c.2011 pg51
Family associate 'Dave' at the ranch (early 1970?)

EL COYOTE said...

I'd like to know more about this William Michael Feeny. Apparently, Charlie and the girls stayed at his place on Cole st. in Haight Ashbury. Lynette Fromme mentions he was a priest in her Reflexion book. His sister also married Partee Friedman who ended up adopting Sandra Goode's son, Ivan. On Deemer's list his address is listed as being in Occidental (my home town). Trying to find more info if anyone knows anything else.

DebS said...

I don't know much about Feeney. He was born William Michael Feeney in Prairie du Chien WI November 7 1937. He went by Mike. He did study to be a Catholic priest and was assigned to a parish in Wisconsin. You can find a few articles where he officiated at weddings and baptisms etc. Sometime in the 60's he apparently quit the priesthood and came to San Francisco.

He married a woman in San Francisco in 1967. He lived in Honolulu HI and Orlando FL during his life. He died June 2 2011 in Bangkok Thailand.

The Occidental residence is kind of interesting, I've wondered if he lived at Morningstar or Wheeler Ranch but I've never found any proof that he did.

starviego said...

Nothing more on Feeney, but this tidbit on Friedman:

LADA files Box 46 vol30 pg137
Mentions a Mr. & Mrs. Friedman at Gresham, and the "Friedman kids" going to the Barker Ranch

Buntline II said...

A brief 1972 letter from Feeney to Manson -

DebS said...

Bunt, that's a real find! He sounds like he took a philosophical approach to communicating with Manson.

EL COYOTE said...

Thanks for the info all! Deb, interesting theory about Wheeler Ranch... I grew up with Bill Wheeler's son and am familiar with the property on Coleman Valley Rd. (where Deemer's List said Feeny lived). I believe Morning Star Ranch is located elsewhere in Occidental. I know Feeny was married to Partee Friedman who lived in Guerneville (a short ways away). In fact, between Occidental and Guerneville is a small town called Camp Meeker. I am told by an old family friend that Lynette Fromme and a group of people were camped out for a few weeks at the base of Camp Meeker in the very early seventies (I wonder if they were in the area with Feeney/ Friedman?). I also remember some caves near Camp Meeker that were dubbed "the manson caves" for some reason... wonder if the family hung out there too?

DebS said...

EL COYOTE email me deb@mansonblog dot com

Feeney's sister was married to Partee Friedman. The Russian River area was a Manson Family hangout for a time. Partee was there for many years and there is still a remnant or two of Family presence in the area. In 1972 James Willett was murdered in Guerneville. Those convicted had Manson Family ties and were living at Parker's Resort at the time of the murder.

Dana Townsend said...

Hi I'm Danny Wayne Townsend's niece, Herbert Townsend is my Dad