Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anniversary - Robert Hendrickson

Here is my comment for the anniversary !

1) Sometimes you folks are hot and sometimes you are cold, but TG you are always  BOLD !

2) My only suggestion would be: that everyone (commenters) identify themselves a bit further with a degree tag.  IE: "Robert 89 degrees" The number of degrees represents how far OFF you believe the prosecution's Helter Skelter theory was/is from the absolute truth.

180 degrees being completely OFF center. As articles and comments affect your way of thinking, you can change your number of degrees.  Matt can then track which posts cause the most thoughts to change, one way or the other, and everyone can realize a better understanding of just who they are interacting with.

3) IF Charles Manson "killed" the sixties, who "killed" the Vietnam War?

My Best,
Robert Hendrickson


Andorian323 said...

William Calley killed the Vietnam War.

Matt said...

I'll second Calley!

Matt 45

Anonymous said...

Charlie killing the 60s is just another fable just like he has magical powers.

American citizens putting their foot down and pressuring politicians finally killed the Vietnam war.

wengr said...

Mr.Henrdickson, it is an interesting idea about the degrees. Would you actually consider yourself at 89 degrees?

lurch said...

Ya know what killed the 60s??? 12:00am Jan. 1,1970. Case closed.

Andorian323 said...

I think Lurch has a point. Ha ha.

starship said...

Actually, not to quibble, but time begins not at zero but at year one, so all of 1970 was still technically the 60s. Just like the 21st century didn't begin on Jan 1, 2000, but Jan 1, 2001.

So there.

Patty is Dead said...

OMG Starship, you crack me up!

rfoster1 said...

Lt. Calley was but one nail in the coffin of the Vietnam War. The Kent State University killings was another.

Patty, Starship is right.

Randy 135

Patty is Dead said...

yep, he usually is. And I mean that sincerely.

starship said...

Well, thank you!