Monday, November 11, 2013

Claire Watkins Wins Dylan Thomas Award

It has been a treat to follow Claire Vaye Watkins become a respected author who has been honored by her peers over the past year.  In March of this year Claire won the $10,000 Rosenthal Family Foundation Award and the $20,000 Story Prize Award.  Well, she has done it again!  On November 7 Claire bested six others, in the eyes of the judges, to win the prestigious Dylan Thomas Prize and $48,000.  Not bad for a girl from the desert whose father, Paul Watkins, was touted in the press as a major player in the "Manson Family".

Judges said she was an "exceptional" writer and described her collection Battleborn as "infectious".

The California-born 29-year-old was one of seven writers aged under 30 shortlisted for the prize.

The prize, based in Thomas's birthplace of Swansea, is one of the largest literary cash awards in the world.

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Patty is Dead said...

WOW! She really is something else. Nice photo: she looks truly happy.

leary7 said...

yowza, I'm stunned. I didn't like the book at all. Goes to show what I know. But then I didn't enjoy Alice Munro's 'Dear Life' either and that has won a ton of awards too.
But as Patty says, good for her, she certainly appears to be a lovely person.

leary7 said...

calling my curiosity savior, CarolMR, how did Claire's book sell? There's gotta be an upswing with this award.

Max Frost said...

She is a VERY good writer.

I haven't read the book but I've read something else of hers that was posted here recently.

If you look at the pic of her from far away and/or different angles, you can see the resemblance.

Matt said...

I hate to be a "Blog Hog," BUT what could be more relevant to the MANSON case than "teaching" "programing" "brainwashing" ?????

"I have a real problem with people who talk 'nonsense' and 'demean others' while 'elevating themselves' to the mantel of "out of the box thinkers."

In most every class I ever attended in "public school" the "teacher" was constantly "elevating" him/herself to the "head" of the class, to the extent the "students" were always in a position of being 'demeaned." This leaves the issue of WHO is talking nonsense - the "teacher" OR ..... Because there is NO body else but the "teacher" teaching most every kid in the country, WE must praise the "teacher" IF the kid turns out alright, and blame the parents for NOT paying the "teacher" more money, IF the kid turns out all "wrong."

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Where did "Claire" get her "out of the box" thinking/ambition to "write" books? couldn't have had ANYTHING to do with her father - only a "teacher" could inspire her for that.

Robert Hendrickson