Monday, May 3, 2021

Murderabilia or Mementos

Recently Debra Tate gave an interview to TMZ regarding items that were up for sale at Ebay proporting to be things that her sister Sharon owned. Debra claims the items are fake and never owned or worn by Sharon and she's probably correct. TMZ

Scroll through the gallery, whoever listed these items was sure asking quite a bit for the things. By the time I went to Ebay to look at the items and see who the seller was everything was taken down, presumably by Ebay. I doubt that everything would have sold in that short time. 

Correction!  Someone sent me links to the items for sale on Ebay.  I used the wrong search terms.

I find it disgusting that people would try to make money selling phony things that were supposedly related to a murder victim or some other tragedy. 

But what about selling the belongings of a victim or someone convicted of a heinous crime through a legitimate auction house where they have been authenticated. I'm talking about bona fide auction houses that do not solely sell things from convicted killers or crime scenes but places that sell all manner of items from antiques to zithers. 

 A couple of auctions that come to mind are one in Canada that sold items from the collection of Billy Jamieson in 2014 and the more recent 2019 auction of Manson related things from the estate of Nuel Emmons. In the case of the Emmons auction all of lots were accrued during the writing of his book. 

You can see the prices realized HERE , once on this page click on "Past Auctions" to see the prices.

And, there was the auction house in Georgia that sold the bed that Abigail Folger slept in at Cielo Drive. 

Debra Tate auctioned off a large number of her sister, Sharon Tate's things, too, at the very legitimate Julien's in Los Angeles. You can see the prices realized HERE

Then there are the so called Murderabilia websites Serial Killers Ink, Super Naught, Murder Auction, Redrum and others. The lots for sale at these sites are a little more dodgy and not necessarily gunuine. These sites generally deal solely in items related to killers. 

But, is there a difference between the legit auction houses and the Murderabila websites in the end? They all sell the same type of items and bank on the fact that the notoriety of the person or crime will bring big bucks to the sellers. 

Sharon's wedding dress sold to Zak Bagan's for a whopping $56,250.00 plus buyers premium and tax. He is now featuring the dress at his Las Vegas "Haunted Museum" where the price of admission is $48 per person and people stand in line for hours to enter. The dress is not displayed with Bagan's Manson booty but in a different area of the building. 

Debra was reportedly told by the auction house that "no one with morbid intentions would be allowed to purchase any of her beloved sister's items." How can the auction house make that guarantee? How can Debra not expect that when someone pays a grand or more for something that they will do what they damn well please with it? How would anyone know if an item was purchased by a straw buyer? 

There was a podcast this last week with Nancy Grace on the subject of Murderabilia with a number of people with knowledge on the subject.   Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

If you don't do Apple, just Google, it's available at other podcast websites. 

What do you think about Murderabilia? Would you buy something that belonged to a victim or killer? Would you tell anyone if you did? Do people like Emmons estate and Debra contribute to the situation by selling their loved one's things?  Do they open the door for the unscrupulous to take advantage of people?


Fayez Abedaziz said...

Ooh, wow, (three years ago)
and my oh my, how I was thinking as I bend sideways and picked at the rich
Chatsworth ground and don't you know that a couple walking by looked over and said,

"whatcha looking for"
I looked over, tripped and fell over on my side and they laughed and said, "ha ha."
I said, "very funny..."
Then the girl of the two said, "where d'ya get the Serape?"
I lit a cigarette and said, "in a store."
They walked away then the girl turned around, saw my gaze at her hips and she shook their head with a silly grin and kept walking away.
I looked to my left, to my right and it seems as it was all to no avail!
What the hey, I say, nowhere? No comb to be found,
no handkerchief
no shirt either, really? You didn't leave anything I could have as a momento
Well then, I walked closer to some big ass boulders and sat and looked around, (gulping 7-Up) and thought, aha, maybe Sandy Blue left me or you something to frame and put up in my living room next to the Picasso copy poster. I may as well have been looking for weapons of mass distraction- nothing, not even a hair clip or even just a bra.
Then how about a lighter that Abigail (millions are nice to have) Folger, may have
dropped? Wait, I don't think she smoked and anyway, aren't I somewhat out of the way anyhoo and way ? Like, 30 miles away?
So, we're all freakin' nuts in this society.

By the way, anyone gonna say anything about California's plan to reduce the time and release 20,000 lifers? That committed murder and more? Are the people running that sinking state crazy or what? Nah, they just don't give a damn. So how do people protect themselves as more criminals are walking the streets?
I know damn well that any of 'em can get guns if they want, but then the 2nd amendment is being attacked again at the same time/s.
What's the matter with you
What's been wrong with you

Patty is Dead said...

anybody know how those blue ribbons got on the dress?

orwhut said...
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orwhut said...


The ribbons were discussed in the comments when Debra had some items up for sale

Monday, July 23, 2018
Sharon Tate's Wedding Dress

This kink might work.

To save time, you can start at the last comment and work backwards.

Patty is Dead said...

Thank you whut!

orwhut said...

You're welcome. 😊

orwhut said...


The Manson Family Blog gets a nice mention at the link that follows.

ColScott said...

Orca. Jesus H Christ.

You know how the world works? Out of no where an ex gf contacts the Col a few months ago- they have put together a major Non Profit designed to support victims. They are likely to put Orca on the board.

I volunteer to spend TWO HOURS on the phone with the founders. Unload everything. Disowned by family. Unburied Dad ashes. Naked handstands with Pic. Fake postal explosions. Homophobia. Attention seeking. The whole enchilada. I explain that the worst person in the world to be on the board of an organization supporting victims would be Orca fucking Tate.

I guess she didn't get on the board.

[ Thank you anyone in ADVANCE for your obnoxious comments. If you wanna know why, ask me "why?" Okay I'll tell you. Orca sucks. She abused Patti, Alisa, and dozens of others. She lives ofF the pimped fruit of her murdered sister's legacy. FUCK HER]

PS Vera before you run to Debra and tattle tale do me a favor and choke on your thyroid.

Vera Dreiser said...

And Alisa Statman just LOVES-LOVES-LOVES double-sized-Orca Dandy Don Murphy because, maybe, he just abused HER even MORE than he abuses the lovely Debra! Just ask old "friend o the blog" Alisa, Vaginalicious Vera dares ya!
In fact, as Andy said on another thread, Dandy Don Murphy doesn't have a friendship longer than a year cuz he alienates EVERYONE he comes in contact with (except for the desperate D-list-director--worshipping losers -- talking trucks, now that's cinema! -- that manage this site)
burp (Vera swig her gin)
cum (V's still wet down there!)
V needs her beauty rest

ColScott said...

Thanks Vera!

Guy Callaway said...

People who buy this stuff are damaged goods, and I would pray never to meet them.

orwhut said...

Blogger Guy Callaway said...
People who buy this stuff are damaged goods, and I would pray never to meet them.

Anybody know what they do with it?

D. said...

If you are collecting the toe nails of some low-life who never did anything except snuff a couple of people out, you are an entry level human or want really crummy ugly art from somebody simply because it was rendered by the same hands that murdered and raped a child.

Most people into "Murderabilia" are sleaze low-life and bottom feeders.

Manson is different. For he transcends "serial killer" or even criminal. He's not a serial killer and I can't stand to see him lumped into the blood and guts world of murderabilia along side Gacy, Bundy and Ramirez.

Even if you hate Charlie, his string art dolls are really works of beautiful art that have some soul to them.

Sharon Tate stuff is only "murderabilia" depending on who's hands it is in. She was after all an actress and so I believe her items would have value even if she didn't suffer the fate she did.

With Manson in general, a lot of what comes up for sale has value beyond it being murderabilia. Photos, documents, letters, ect. all have a historical and research value to them.

D. said...

I'll say I hate both sides of the coin here. The low-life who think it's "cool" to have a shitty drawing by a sexual deviant killer.....AND I hate the moral crusaders who try and stop it. I view all of those people are phony grand standers taking advantage of it as much as the people who buy and sell it. Like that Andy Khan guy.

orwhut said...

I've read that people dipped their handkerchiefs in John Dillinger's blood after he was gunned down. This discussion got me wondering if any of those handkerchiefs were still around. Unless they were clearly marked decendants of the blood collectors could easily have thrown them out.

JIM HAYES said...

ive been listening to FANG. i collect books about MNSN. I had an opportunity to get an autograph and a lynette postcard from a contributor to these pages. once i got those i didn't need anything more. i think MNSN is an avatar. other than that it doesn't matter. like i said im listening to FANG.

AustinAnn74 said...

I'm sickened by any and all of it. I recall not even wanting a rock Evil Liz had sent me from Spahn Ranch one time. I was scared to have it in my house, so I took it down to the greenbelt near my house, and put it next to a cedar tree. It's still there, I bet.

Jay said...

I would say that certain items, such as letters, diaries, etc, might have research value. Drawings or paintings probably wouldn’t, especially post-trial. For instance, Gacy’s paintings were all done years after conviction. Some of the doodles etc that Manson and others did during the trial could be said to have have some value for research, as they were done ‘in the moment,’ and could be used to show their state of mind.
As far as items from the victims, outside of the letters/diaries mentioned, I can’t see the value other than as a morbid curiosity.
A museum might be a good place for some of these items. I can only recall one museum that deals with crime, Alcatraz East Museum in Tennessee.
Being America, people have the right to sell or buy it, and we have the right to ignore it or participate in it. Everyone’s taste is different.

Patty is Dead said...

I'm glad all that shit is out of my house. Manson hair. Manson's headphones. Crap dug up at Spahn. Plastic flowers off Gibby's grave. OMG the stuff Patty put up with!

ColScott said...


That was kind of the point I was making when we all fell out. I am glad we are at peace as we should be. Losers like Vera can have all the tsuris and welcome to it.

Patty is Dead said...

Stoner and I were never the same person. Guilt by association. Col, I resented being accused of things that were not of my doing. I'm glad it's over now.

Vera Dreiser said...

(Vera snaps awake!)
Col, Patty didn’t do dat shit fool! Or did she???
(Vera’s wet).

Patty is Dead said...

Vera I am really tired of hearing about your pussy. Wet is a relative term especially when you're a bitter dried up old crone. Take your wet pussy somewhere that it's wanted. Like the nursing home maybe.

Vera Dreiser said...

Peppercunt Patty is an ageist! In addition to being TERRIFIED of the Col in the same way the repubs are terrified of Trump. Vera's even wetter now, Peppercunt, deal w/ it!

Justin said...

It appears that Vera is confusing her incontinence problem as meaning she is "wet".

Rock N. Roll said...

Why do we have to deal with Vera?

grimtraveller said...

Rock N. Roll said...

Why do we have to deal with Vera?

You don't. If you don't like Vera's style, as soon as you see the name heading a comment, just move on to the next one that doesn't bear the name.